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No. 8 Three Must-Try Japanese Ramens

Google Japanese ramen, and you will see millions of photos. They all look unique and delicious. You have three meals a day, and there is more variety of ramen in the world than you can eat in your entire life. So, where do we start? Here is what you need to know about Japanese ramen. The ramen culture grows in three basic dimensions – noodles, toppings, and broth. 

According to the Japanese Ramen Association, there are seven categories in terms of broths. 

  1. Soy sauce (醤油)
  2. Salt (塩)
  3. Miso (味噌)
  4. Pork bone (豚骨)
  5. Chicken broth (鶏白湯)
  6. Dipping broth (つけ麺 broth on side)
  7. No broth (油そば)

Soy, salt, and miso are the most common in most ramen restaurants in Japan and your ramen experience is incomplete if you haven’t tried all three of them. 

Why is broth so important? Because the taste and the richness of the broth determine the taste and how you eat it. There is so much more about Japanese ramen, but let’s started by trying the top three most popular broths. 

Tips & Tricks

  1. Noisily slurping down their noodles with lip-smacking gusto at a ramen restaurant is the way to show the chef that you enjoy the food. 
  2. Ramen broth is usually high in salt and fat. You don’t have to drink it all. 
  3. Some ramen restaurants offer seaweed (nori) and boiled egg (tamago) as sides. Do order them to enhance your experience. 
Enjoying Japanese ramen

This is item No. 8 on the Okinawa Bucket List. What is Okinawa Bucket List?

This is item No. 1 on the Okinawa Bucket List. What is Okinawa Bucket List?

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