The Book: Happiness in Okinawa is…

A book about all the tiny moments that make us happy in Okinawa, and in life. Now accepting pre-order.

After 14 years working in the corporate world, Desmond Liang came to Okinawa to search for a slow happy life. Island life is slow and everything seems a little behind. The highway speed limit in Okinawa is 80km. Uber doesn’t exist. People still use bankbook to withdraw from an ATM. Desmond started to question his decision of moving his entire family to a small island. An island where everything seems to be very behind.

Although everything in Okinawa seems slow and stripped down to the essentials, Okinawans are some of the happiest people in the world. Inspired by the Happiness Is… series by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar, Desmond uses his pen to draw moments that make him happy in Okinawa. 365 drawings later, his life changes. Doubt turns into love and joy. During this process, Desmond discovered the secret to be happy is brain dead simple.

Happiness has never gone away.
We are just too busy to look.

On September 30, 2019, the book with all 365 happy moments in Okinawa will be published. This book is a celebration of simple joy in life, but it is also a tool to help its reader to become happier.

We need to raise $15,000 USD to put the first 1,000 copies on the shelves. The book is self-published. With self-publishing, it comes with a big upfront cost on design, production, printing, marketing, registration, etc.

There is a lot of effort in making a book, but we insist to do it because we have an important message to share. Please help us make this happen by pre-ordering the book.

We Offer Two Pre-order Plans

Plunge: $30 USD

Support a Local Artist In Okinawa

You get:

  • A signed copy shipped to you
  • $10 cash rebate if pick up in Okinawa
  • A pre-order exclusive surprise gift.

Plunge: $100 USD

Founding Member of HappyOki Family

You get:

  • A signed copy shipped to you
  • On the launch date, receive a $100 gift card to spend on Oki Social online shop.
  • A pre-order exclusive surprise gift.

What You Will See In This Book

The drawings in this book warm up my heart.

Mr. Tony Yoshikazu Higashi, Japan Tourism Agency VISIT JAPAN Ambassador

How Much We Have Raised

Updated weekly.

$ 5,500 / 15,000