About Oki Social

Who We Are

Oki Social was founded by Desmond Liang and his wife as an art-centric social event business in 2015. In our early days, we partnered with local artists to host social events such as paint night, sea glass jewelry making, etc.

Later our founders discovered an opportunity in creating good quality Okinawa centric artworks and gifts for folks who love and appreciate Okinawa, its people, its natrual environment, and its slow island lifestyle.

Where We Are From

With his background in art as a child and working in the field of marketing, Desmond started to fill the need for those who were looking for high quality, meaningful, locally produced, Okinawa centric gifts.

In talking with many people who love Okinawa, we found that most products in the Okinawa gift market come from overseas, designed and produced by people who have never lived in Okinawa.

During their first year in Okinawa, our founders spent an entire year going around the island to study Okinawa and meet with locals. With a ton of stories and information collected after this year-long exploration, Desmond started drawing the Okinawa Map that tells the stories about Okinawa.

Why Art? Why Okinawa?

As a form of communication, the beauty of art is that it is capable of reaching the part of the human brain that doesn’t understand any language but understands feelings, emotions, and connections. When we see a piece of artwork that resonates to our own experience, we feel connected to the artist who creates.

We believe what our audiences need – someone who understand their experience in Okinawa to create something that will remind and preserve it.

– Desmond Liang

A Google search “affordable places to live by the beach” brought our founders to Okinawa, and the love of Okinawa grew from there. That love has turned into many artworks that have delivered more love and happiness towards this small island we call home to thousand of people.

It is a privilege to be in the position to listen to so many people about their happy stories in Okinawa, and then turn them into art that spread the magic of Okinawa.

Thank you so much for your time and attention. Thank you for supporting your Okinawa local artist.