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Welcome to the Oki Social Online Gallery, where each collection unfolds the breathtaking nature, rich history, and vibrant culture of Okinawa through our artworks. Immerse yourself in a world where serene landscapes, dynamic historical narratives, and a colorful tapestry of traditions are captured by our talented artists. Explore at your leisure and connect with the unique stories and inspirations that each piece embodies. Whether you’re a connoisseur of Okinawan culture or a newcomer to its charms, our gallery offers a window into the heart of this enchanting island. Discover, enjoy, and be inspired.

12 Months of Okinawa Series

Each piece in this collection captures and encapsulates a moment in time on Okinawa. Experience a journey through a year on this enchanting island by exploring the intricate details in this series.

Art Print Cape Zanpa Okinawa

Okinawa Travel Poster Series

Born amidst the challenging era of COVID-19, Okinawa has since returned to its serene and tranquil state. This collection is inspired by that period, capturing the essence of Okinawa’s resilience and quietude.

Happiness In Okinawa Is...

Happiness in Okinawa Series

A collection of artworks and ultimately a book that celebrate the countless happy moments about living on Okinawa.

Okinawa Story Map Series

Meet the map that hides the secret of Okinawa. Explore the Japan’s subtropical paradise by learning its landscape, culture, and story on this iconic design and its successors.