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Experience the Vibrant Colors of Spring at Yohena Hydrangea Garden – Opening May 11, 2024

Spring is a special time in Japan, particularly during the rainy season when nature bursts into a spectacle of colors. One such natural showcase is the Yohena Hydrangea Garden in Motobu Town, Okinawa. This year, the garden will welcome visitors from May 11, 2024, offering a breathtaking view of about 300,000 hydrangeas in an array of stunning colors.

Yohena Hydrangea Garden Okinawa

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What Makes Yohena Hydrangea Garden Special? 🌺

Yohena Hydrangea Garden is nestled in the northern reaches of Okinawa and is renowned for its vast collection of hydrangeas, including varieties such as the blue Himehydrangea, Blue Diamond, and the ever-blooming Miyaketokwa. These flowers change their appearance based on where and how you view them, making every visit uniquely delightful.

In addition to hydrangeas, the garden is home to a variety of tropical flowers like begonias, conronca, weeping willows, and the impressive Medinilla magnifica. It’s a full bloom fest that signals the joyous start of early summer.

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Visit Details 📅

Location: Yohena Hydrangea Garden, 1312 Izumi, Motobu Town, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture.

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Event Dates: May 11, 2024, through late June. The best time to visit is during the peak blooming period from late May to mid-June.

Admission Fees

  • Adults: 500 yen
  • Middle and high school students: 200 yen
  • Children (kindergarten and under): Free
  • Group rates (20 or more): Adults 400 yen, Students 150 yen

Hours of Operation

  • Garden: 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM (until dusk)
  • Cafe: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Available (approximately 70 spaces). Note that weekends and holidays tend to be busy, and parking congestion can occur. It is recommended to visit on weekdays or consider using a tour bus for a more relaxed experience.

Yohena Hydrangea Garden Okinawa

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Additional Tips 🌦️

Keep an eye on the garden’s official website or Instagram for the latest updates on the blooming status. There’s also a quaint cafe on site, perfect for a leisurely break to enjoy the scenic views over a cup of coffee or a light snack.

If you’re planning a trip to Okinawa, or you’re already in the area, a visit to Yohena Hydrangea Garden offers a serene and colorful escape from the daily hustle and bustle, filled with the lush beauty of hydrangeas and other tropical blooms.

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