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Printable Okinawa One Day Tour Itinerary Vol. 3 – North Okinawa Healing Trip

Does it any of these sound like you?

  • There are lots to see in Okinawa, so much that you don’t know how to plan.
  • You are preparing for your trip to Okinawa, and you want to get the most out of your trip.
  • You have seen the major touristy spots, and you want to find something unique and hidden – you know, where the locals hang out.

We are making a series of printable itineraries to help you plan, discover, and enjoy Okinawa. These itineraries are beautiful, filled with local knowledge, and printable.

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Let’s Get Started

Vol. 3 – North Okinawa Healing Trip

Gesashi Bay Mangrove Forest Park

Okinawa mangroves live on the wetland, nurtured by the rich minerals in the seawater. Inside the mangrove frost, there is an entire ecosystem filled with energetic creatures. Driving northwards on Rt. 58, tall buildings fade away behind us, you will enter Okinawa’s untouched nature. Mangrove forests used to grow all over Okinawa. Welcome to Gesasha Bay mangrove forest, the gateway to Okinawa’s northern wilderness and the first stop of our North Okinawa Healing Trip.

Follow the path in the park to the heart of the Mangrove forest. Stop, take a deep breath, you will feel as if the damaged cells in your body start to heal. There is not enough time in this itinerary, but you can come back someday to do a guided kayaking tour. It takes you deep into the heart of the mangrove forest and sees a whole new world of lives beyond your imagination. 

Ogimi and Kunigami Roadside Service Station

Okinawa’s north is mostly unpopulated territory. These two service stations serve the local population and tourists with refreshments, restrooms, food, souvenirs, groceries, and daily products. 

Ogimi village is known for producing Shikwasa (Okinawa lime). Compare to lime, Shikwasa is much richer in flavor. Ogimi resting area sells Shikwasa ice cream made with locally produced Shikwasa juice. It is a great refreshment after a restroom break. 

Kunigami (also known as Kunigami Yui Yui) resting area has a large shop, several fantastic lunch options, and a kid’s playground. Here you can try the famous Okinawa Aguu pork, Yanbaru chicken, and Motobu beef. If you are not much a meat lover, there are many other options with outdoor seating. 

Kayauchi Cliff

After a long drive, you arrive at the north end of Okinawa. Kayauchi cliff is the first vista point in the pack. There is no commercial establishment here, just a fantastic view. The elevation of the cliff is the tallest in Okinawa at 80 meters tall. 

Daizekirinzan Park

Daizekirinzan means The Big Rock Forest. The meaning of coming all the way to Okinawa’s north end, besides standing at the tip of the Okinawa main island, Daizekiriinzan is what makes all the driving worthwhile. The landscape here was form 250 million years ago, and it is unlike any part of Okinawa. Daizekirinzan is one of the four power spots of Okinawa. You could spend a lot of time here, as the park offers three different courses for visitors. Two things should definitely on your checklist. 

No. 1 Take a close look at the rocks. 

At a glance, they look like a pile of rocks stacked in unique angles. Take a close look, there are many holes carved out by the weather in each rock. Life settles in these small holes created a micro world.

No. 2 See the giant banyan tree. 

This part of Okinawa is untouched by most traumatic events that caused devastating damage to Okinawa’s nature. Many trees are so old and have deeply rooted. Inside the forest, you will feel like you are standing in the middle of Lord of The Ring. 

Yambaru Quina Observatory

Yambaru Quinna is an in danger spices living in northern Okinawa. This 11.5-meter tall observatory looks like a giant Yambaru quinna from standing at the cliff’s top. It is to remind people to protect the spice and nature’s diversity. The view of the ocean here is spectacular on a sunny day. 

Cape Hedo

Cape Hedo marks the north end of Okinawa. You made it. Take a picture with the sign, and then enjoy the rest of your time here. When you arrive in Naha, you are on an island. When you come to cape Hedo, you meet Okinawa. 

We hope you enjoy this issue of Okinawa Bucket List Day Trip Plan. Download the itinerary and go make memory with friends and family. When you come back, please share your experience with us. You can send your story to us, or tag us on social media. 

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