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Explore the 13th Craft Fair Okinawa: April 27-29, 2024

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Hey craft lovers! Mark your calendars for an exciting event this April. The 13th Craft Fair Okinawa is set to dazzle with an array of local craftsmanship. It’s a perfect opportunity to engage with the rich cultural tapestry of Okinawa through its crafts. Here’s everything you need to know about the event:

📅 Event Dates & Times

  • When: April 27, 2024 (Saturday) to April 29, 2024 (Monday/Public Holiday)
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily

📍 Location

  • Where: Okinawa Craft Village
  • Address: 1114-1 Tomigusuku, Tomigusuku City, Okinawa Prefecture [ Google Pin ]

🎟️ Admission & Parking

  • Admission: Absolutely free!
  • Parking: Free parking available

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What’s On Offer? 🖼️

The Craft Fair is not just any event; it’s a gathering of skilled artisans from Okinawa and beyond. This year’s fair will feature:

  • Diverse Crafts: A wide range of crafts including pottery, glass, woodworking, Bingata dyeing, fashion, leather, metalwork, musical instruments, lacquerware, accessories, and art.
  • Workshops Galore: Over 43 workshops will be showcasing their unique creations. It’s a great chance to see the variety and depth of Okinawa’s craftsmanship.
  • Emerging Talent: The fair will also highlight works by 10 new graduates from the Okinawa Prefecture Craft Promotion Center’s 2024 technical training program. These fresh talents will display pieces crafted from their newly learned skills.

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Why Visit? 🌟

Visiting the Craft Fair offers a unique chance to buy directly from the creators themselves. You can hear the fascinating stories behind each piece and see the love and detail that go into making them. Whether you’re a fan of traditional crafts or looking for something modern, there’s something for everyone.

Additionally, with food booths and food trucks, you can enjoy a bite while you browse—making it a perfect day out for families, craft enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enjoy a culturally rich experience.

This Craft Fair is more than just a marketplace; it’s a celebration of creativity and tradition. So, if you’re in Okinawa at the end of April, consider stopping by the Okinawa Craft Village to witness the artistic prowess on display. It’s an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in the arts and crafts to engage directly with the makers. Enjoy exploring the beautiful creations! 🎭👀


⚠️Disclaimer: Our passion for supporting local businesses drives us to share information about events in the Okinawa area. Please note that Oki Social is not responsible for hosting this event. It’s important to be aware that the event’s host reserves the right to make changes or even cancel the event without prior notice. Some photos and videos may come from various sources on the internet, whether official or unofficial. It is possible that some photos and videos may have been taken from the same event in previous occurrences.

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