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Turning pumice into kawaii Okinawa shisa magnet

Not long ago, our beach and ocean was covered in pumice – volcanic rocks formed during an underwater eruption. They float on the ocean blocking sunlight and eaten by marine life such as sea turtles.

Official and volunteer organizations have spent weeks and weeks to clear pumice from the water and the beach. You may wonder what happened to the pumice after being swept away from our sight. Some of them have been given a second life to become these Okinawa shisa magnets. We are part of a group of local companies that participated in the process, and I’m happy to announce that they are now available at the Art Plaza in the Kadena Exchange. How cool that these come from the core of our planet – a place you might not ever get to touch if it wasn’t for the eruption and you are happen to live on this island at this time. Don’t wait. This is probably one of those super meaningful keepsakes you can get while in Okinawa.

Two colors available. 10% of the profit goes to the continuous effort of cleaning the pumice from the ocean and the beach. Are you really for a new friend from the underworld?

How do you know we are contributing the profit to the clean up?

The way it works is we make the contribution by buying the products up front from the campaign which is led by the Okinawa government and leaders of local companies who organize the project, instead of submitting the profit after the sale. Whether you buy them or not, the funding is already in place to support the clean up. If you wish to support the effort, please consider purchasing this product for us 🙏.