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Japan Typographic Map Now Available

This typographic map is devoted to the beautiful nation of the rising sun – Japan, which is so rich in culture, history, and scenic nature.

This name consists of the names of all forty-seven prefectures of Japan in Japanese, following the shape of each prefecture to create this map. The map comes in three different color schemes voted by our Facebook fans.

Nation of The Rising Sun
Blue / Purple
New Beginning

Nation of The Rising Sun (Red / Orange)

Red is the color in the center of the Japanese flag, symbolizing the rising sun. Orange is the color of sunlight. This cheerful color scheme conveys tremendous energy into space. Sometimes a little external energy is all you need to take action towards your next goal.

New Beginning (Blue/Purple)

Japan is an island nation surrounded by the sea, also known as the country of the rising sun. This color scheme builds upon the scenery of the rising sun where blue signifies the ocean and the purple signifies dawn.

Simplicity (Black)

Life is filled with complex matters. Clean, sharp, clear black and white adds a focal point to the space , reminding ourselves to stay focus on the core of the matter, whether that is your goal or the path to your destiny.