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2020 Summer Special Okinawa Story Map Is Now Available

In Okinawa, we have a saying いちゃりばちょーでー (I-cha-ri-ba-cho-de), which means once we meet, we are brothers and sisters. My name is Desmond Liang, the designer of this Okinawa Story Map. I want to welcome you, my sister, or brother, to walk a small journey with me for the next few minutes.

Every summer since 2017, I create a special edition of the Okinawa map to commemorate special, meaningful events in Okinawa along my artistic journey. This map and its original version are very special to me and to my fans. Fans love it for various reasons, but as for me, the map has been with me since the beginning of my fulfilling career as an artist.

This time. This place

In 2020, the way we live, study, and interact with each other may forever change due to a pandemic. It is shocking how much and how quickly the world has changed this year. This map is combined with more than one hundred different symbols that capture what we see around Okinawa today.

As we grow, many of them will enter the museum, yet this is what we have at this time, in this place. What do you remember about summer in Okinawa? Look over the map and see how many symbols you can recognize.

Look Beyond The Symbols

At a glance, this year’s design seems to be taking a completely different direction from the original Okinawa Story Map and the summer edition from previous years. The original map consists of the names of every city in Okinawa. Taking a close look, the city names seem to be stripped away from the design, but they aren’t. When you overlap this new map onto the old ones, the symbols are organized by cities, and they fit into the city names. Beyond that, I have created a unique set of symbols for each city to represent some of the best-known treasures and cultural heritage of the region.

Can you spot Shuri Castle in Naha? How about the giant Shisa and the light tower near Cape Zanpa? Pineapples near Higashi Village? There is much more. Digging this map is like taking a virtual tour of Okinawa.

Where To Buy

Order online. Multiple sizes. Ship worldwide.

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