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About The Okinawa Map

If you found this page because you purchase my Okinawa map, or you are interested in the map and you want to learn more about it, you have come to the right place.

Since the map was released in May 2017, I have had the luck to attend many events to share my creative process and the significance of the map. Although people purchase my map in the partnering stores, but I prefer, and insist, to meet my customers in person as often as I can, because I want to share with people about what’s hidden in the map.

I have attended many art and craft event across Okinawa island to share my passion about this map and Okinawa, and I have been invited to speak to people of all ages about it. Everywhere I go, people were amazed by how much more they can discover about Okinawa in this map. It doesn’t matter if they are new to Okinawa or have been living here for years, as soon as they see the map, they hover it, stare at it, point at it, for a long time. The map is intended to bring people together, spark curiosity, and generate conversation. I am happy it did exactly what’s created to do, and it continues to do so across the island.

If you have met me in in person and spoken to me about the map, you may remember I told you I am not a good writer, so I drew a map to preserve the “secrets” about Okinawa. Ironically, I find no better way than writing the secrets online, as I can’t tell as many people as I wish to in person. You will discover the stories weaved by typography, symbols, and colors unique to Okinawa. If your experience with Okinawa come across some of the secrets I am about to tell you, I would like to ask you help spread the words so more people can follow our footprints to discover more about this beautiful island.

I want to thank people who encourage me to create the is series, those came to my table during the events, those who talked to me in person and private messaged saying how much you want to know more about the map.

Finally a disclaimer, the stories I am about to tell you are from my time traveling on the island, talking to local, living and running a tour business in Okinawa. They are not meant to be academically correct. Just like stories you hear from you’re parents, neighbors, and friends, they are simply anecdotes told by the Okinawans. None the less, English is not my first language. You may find typos, incorrect use of words. If you find anything confuses you down the road, please kindly inform Oki Social or leave a comment and I will improve it as quickly as I can.

Before we start, I would like to ask you to share these series with your friends and family who love Okinawa.

I hope you enjoy this series, let’s get started.

Desmond Liang
The designer of the Okinawa Map