The Okinawa Map That Everyone Is Talking About

Since its initial launch in 2016, this Okinawa Map has become the talk of the town in Okinawa. You see it in your friend’s home, social media, community center, local cafes, and restaurants. Teachers in Okinawa are now using this map to educate young Okinawan about this beautiful island they call home.

Here is a quick rundown. The map is put together using Okinawan city names in Japanese. Each name follows the shape of the city. There are four color schemes inspired by scenic views and the beautiful nature of Okinawa.

Blue and purple from a photo taken at Cape Zampa in Yomitan during sunset.
Red and orange from Okianwa’s symbolic hibiscus flower.
Green and blue from an Okinawa screwpine under the blue sky.
The latest one is called RyuKyu Umi (Okinawa Sea in Japanese) which captures the colors of the Okinawa sean in different times.

The Hidden Secrets In The Map

The latest version of the map has over 30 hidden symbols representing celebrated tour spot, local products, folktales, and history of the Ryukyu kingdom. If you want to know more about the inspiration behind this map, heard it from the designer

Discover the hidden symbols in the map, and the stories behind them. Each short article below points out a hidden symbol. Let’s explore the hidden side of Okinawa.

Tsuken Jima Okinawa Japan
Secret In The Map #5: Carrot Island
Find the small carrot hiding in your Okinawa Map and learn the story behind it. Follow the designer's footprint to
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Okinawa Map Motobu
Secret In The Map #2: The Fish In Motobu
Did you see the fish near Motobu in the north part of your Okinawa map? You will learn the story
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Secret in Okinawa Map #7 The pineapple in Higashi Village
Secret In The Map #7: The Pineapple in Higashi Village Okinawa Japan
Did you see the pineapple hidden in your Okinawa map? Learn more about the story behind it and drive up
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The Okinawa Map
About The Okinawa Map
The designer behind the popular Okinawa Map has a few words to share with us. If you purchased the Okinawa
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Okinawa Map
Secret in The Map #4: Kaichu Doro
From far away, it looks like a bridge stretch 5 kilometers across the ocean, connecting Okinawa main island and Henza
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Secret In The Map #9: The Hidden Priestess in Nanjo City
In this article, you will get to know someone used to hold the highest religious authority during the time of
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Heart Rock Kouri Island Okinawa Japan
Secret In The Map #8: Heart Rocks on Kouri Island
Kouri island is a small island in northern Okinawa, connected by once was the longest cross ocean beach in Asia.
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Okinawa Map Secret #3
Secret In The Map #3: The Drum In Okinawa City
In this article, you will discover the secret hidden near Okinawa city on your Okinawa map. Come on in to
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Okinawa Nago Dolphin Hunt
Secret In The Map #6: Nago’s Dolphin Tail
Just off the north end for Okinawa Cross-State Highway, you will see a sea of blue on your left. The
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