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A Guide to Dragon Boat Racing (Hari) Events in 2024

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Welcome to the vibrant world of Hari Festivals in Okinawa, a captivating series of events that blend culture, tradition, and competitive spirit in a display that is both visually spectacular and deeply rooted in local custom. Held annually, these festivals celebrate the island’s rich maritime heritage, with dragon boat races as their centerpiece. Here’s everything you need to know about Okinawa’s Hari Festivals in 2024, including the schedule and highlights of different types of races.

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What Are Hari Festivals?

Hari Festivals, or Dragon Boat Festivals, are traditional Okinawan celebrations where communities gather to pray for safety at sea, bountiful catches, and community prosperity. The festivals are best known for their thrilling dragon boat races, featuring the sleek, swift traditional Okinawan boat known as ‘Sabani’. These events are steeped in ritual and festivity, often accompanied by other cultural performances and communal feasting.

The official Okinawa Dragon Boat (Hari) Festival in Naha

Highlights of Okinawa’s Hari Festivals

Types of Races

Okinawa’s Hari Festivals feature a variety of dragon boat races, each with its unique flair:

  • Gogan Hari: A slow, ceremonial parade in traditional costumes to pray for a bountiful catch and sea safety.
  • Capsizing Hari: A dramatic race where teams intentionally capsize their boat and then right it to continue racing.
  • Workplace Hari: Teams from local businesses and schools compete, strengthening community bonds.
  • Madonna Hari: Primarily a women-centered race, showcasing strength and teamwork among female participants.
  • Children’s Hari: Focuses on engaging the younger generation, promoting tradition and sportsmanship among kids.
A look at Itoman Hari Festival

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2024 Hari Festival Schedule

📅 Mark Your Calendars! Here’s when and where you can catch the Hari Festivals in Okinawa in 2024:

Hari Festival on Okinawa Main Island

Naha Hari Festival

Naha Hari is the largest dragon boat racing event in Okinawa, drawing over 200,000 spectators annually. It features dynamic races with large dragon boats.

  • Dates: May 3 (Fri/holiday) – May 5 (Sun/holiday), 10:00 – 21:00
  • Location: Naha Port Shinminato Pier, Okinawa Prefecture, Naha city, Minatomachi 1-chome 14
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  • Highlights:
    • May 3: Middle school inter-school competition, PTA, community group races
    • May 4: General public experience boarding from 11:00 to 16:00
    • May 5: General races in the morning, Ugan (Prayer) Bari and Hon (Main) Bari
    • Fireworks every night from 20:40 to 21:00 for 20 minutes


Itoman Hari (June 9 &10, 2024)

The Itoman Hari is a vibrant annual festival that takes place in the historically rich fishing town of Itoman, Okinawa. This event is one of Itoman’s two major annual festivals, along with the “Itoman Oh-tsunahiki.” The Hari festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm, reflecting the town’s deep connection to its maritime heritage. Each year, around 30,000 people flock to the festival, which may even prompt local schools to close or shorten their days.

The festival features a series of dynamic boat races where teams from the old settlements of Nishimura, Nakamura, and Miijima compete fiercely against one another. The races include various categories like youth groups, workplace teams, and middle schools, with the thrilling Kunukasee or capsizing races being a unique aspect of the festival. Additionally, the Agaisoop, a premier event of the festival, showcases top rowers from each village covering a distance of 2,150 meters in a battle for local pride.

An interesting and fun element of the festival is the “Ahiraatuwee,” a duck-catching contest where participants try to catch 30 ducks released into the port, adding to the festival’s lively atmosphere.

DatesJune 9, 2024 (Sun): Junior Hari tournament
June 10, 2024 (Mon)
LocationItoman city, Itoman fishing port middle area
(〒901-0361 Okinawa Prefecture, Itoman city, Itoman 603-1)
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Special EventsPrayer ceremonies at dawn
Dynamic boat races including Kunukasee (capsizing race)
Agaisoop long-distance race
Ahiraatuwee (duck-catching competition)
Additional NotesThe event traditionally starts with morning prayers at Santeenmo, followed by races throughout the day, including various community and age-group specific competitions.


Nashiro Hari (June 9, 2024)

The Nashiro Hari is an integral part of the cultural heritage of Itoman city, held annually at North Nashiro Beach (Iriinuhama). Traditionally scheduled for the 4th of May in the lunar calendar, this event showcases intense boat races where participants from the Nashiro region are split into teams based on their position within the community: Kushi (rear), Naka (middle), and Me (front). The premier event, Uguwan Hari, now features a challenging course where competitors row out to the remote island of an unmanned sand dune and circle a pole before racing back, providing a dynamic showcase of skill and endurance.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun)
Usually on the 4th of May in the lunar calendar
LocationNorth Nashiro Beach, Itoman city
(〒901-0351 Okinawa Prefecture, Itoman city, Nashiro 960)
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Main CompetitionsUguwan Hari and Youth Hari, featuring races to Ejinachiac island
Community TeamsDivided into Kushi (rear), Naka (middle), and Me (front)


Kiyabu Hari (Usually the Sunday closest to the 4th of May in the lunar calendar)

The Kiyabu Hari is celebrated at the Kiyabu fishing port within Itoman city, a known hub for this traditional Okinawan event. This festival is distinguished by a series of races including the Ugan Hari, Match Bari, Agai Bari, and the distinctive two-person Hari known as Guunuiyee. The Kiyabu region participants are divided into north, middle, and south teams, each bringing their unique competitive spirit to the event. Additionally, workplace Hari and a parent-child Hari experience are part of the festivities, making it a community-wide engagement. The formal commencement of the festival occurs with the Uguwan (prayer) at Duntennai Jirumee on the early morning of the 4th of May in the lunar calendar.

DateUsually the Sunday closest to the 4th of May in the lunar calendar
* 4th of May in the lunar calendar is June 8, 2024 on western calendar.
LocationKiyabu fishing port, Itoman city
(〒901-0354 Okinawa Prefecture, Itoman city, Kiyabu 5534)
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Main CompetitionsUgan Hari, Match Bari, Agai Bari, Guunuiyee (two-person Hari)
Additional EventsWorkplace Hari, parent-child Hari experience


Minatogawa Hari (2024 June 9 [Sun] & 10 [Mon])

Minatogawa Hari, traditionally held on the 4th of May in the lunar calendar in Yaese town, is a cherished event where locals pray for the safety of fishermen, abundant catches, and community well-being. Unique to Minatogawa and Itoman, the term “Hari” embodies a deep cultural significance in Okinawa. The festival features races at the Minatogawa fishing port, starting with a ceremonial prayer at the local shrine. Participants, ranging from elementary students to adults, including a women’s race, compete in traditional fishing boats to the rhythm of shouts and drum bells. The event draws large crowds, closing nearby schools and culminating in the exciting “Gaee” cheer battle. Additionally, an All-Island Sumo Tournament follows, showcasing top competitors in various weight classes.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun) & 10 (Mon)
LocationYaese town, Minatogawa fishing port
(Okinawa Prefecture Shimajiri-gun Yaese town Aza Minatogawa Minatogawa fishing port)
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Main CompetitionsUgan Hari, Uwagari Hari, Women’s race
Special FeaturesGaee (cheer battle), All-Island Sumo Tournament (lightweight and heavyweight divisions)
Community EngagementLocal schools closed, widespread spectator participation


Oujima Sea God Festival (2024 June 9 [Sun])

The Oujima Sea God Festival, commonly known as Oujima Hari, is an exhilarating event celebrated along the coast of Oujima in Nanjo city. This festival traditionally aligns with the 4th of May in the lunar calendar. The event features seven diverse types of races including Ugan Hari, Hon Hari, capsizing Hari, and Agari Hari. Notably, in Hon Bari, Oujima residents are split into East (Agari) and West (Iri) teams, starting their challenge with a dramatic “flowing boat” sequence from the Oujima Bridge to the sea, which includes capsizing the boat midway through the race. Additionally, the Workplace Hari attracts numerous teams from southern and central Naha, offering spectators a thrilling competition that can be viewed from the breakwater on the main island side. Post-race, the community engages in a convivial gathering to celebrate the day’s efforts with food and drinks.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun)
LocationNanjo city, Tamagusuku Oujima coast
(Near the base of the 150-meter Oujima Bridge connecting Okinawa Main Island and Oujima)
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Main CompetitionsUgan Hari, Hon Hari, capsizing Hari, Agari Hari, district Hari, etc.
Special FeaturesUnique “flowing boat” race, viewing from the breakwater on the main island side
Post-Event ActivitiesJoint convivial meeting with feasts and drinks from the evening


Umino Hari [2023 June 25 (Sun)]

The Umino Hari, a prominent dragon boat festival in Nanjo city, is one of three major Hari events on the southern part of Okinawa Main Island. This specific celebration, taking place at Umino fishing port, is uniquely characterized by two ornately decorated boats symbolizing the sun and moon, enhancing the cultural and visual appeal of the event. These boats not only embody significant celestial elements but also add a layer of beauty and tradition to the races, drawing spectators and participants alike to engage in the festive atmosphere.

Date2023 June 25 (Sun), 12:00 – 16:00 (planned)
LocationUmino fishing port
(〒901-1504 Okinawa Prefecture Nanjo city Chinen Umino)
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HighlightTwo boats representing the sun and moon
Event TypeDragon boat races


Baten (Maten) Hari [2023 June 25 (Sun)]

The Baten (Maten) Hari, celebrated at Maten port in the Sashiki district of Nanjo city, is deeply rooted in the rich maritime history of Okinawa. The port, historically significant as a base for Sho Hashi who unified the Ryukyu Islands, comes alive during this event traditionally held in May of the old calendar. The festival is a local community’s plea for abundant fishing and safe sea voyages. One of the main attractions is the Workplace Hari, which brings together various groups to compete, reinforcing community bonds and celebrating local maritime culture.

Date2023 June 25 (Sun) starting at 13:00
LocationMaten port (Old Kudaka Island departure point area)
(〒901-1414 Okinawa Prefecture Nanjo city Sashiki Tsunami-ko)
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HighlightsWorkplace Hari and other races
Historical SignificanceSite formerly used as a base by Sho Hashi, unifier of Ryukyu
Cultural ImportanceCelebrates local maritime heritage with prayers for safe navigation and abundant catches


Chatan Nirai Hari [Sunday closest to the 4th of May in the lunar calendar]

The Chatan Nirai Hari, held annually at Hamakawa fishing port in Chatan town, is a vibrant dragon boat festival entering its 16th year in 2024. The festival typically occurs on the Sunday closest to the 4th of May in the lunar calendar, drawing participants and spectators alike to celebrate through a series of competitive races. These races include categories such as women’s Hari, clan Hari, general Hari, and workplace Hari, each adding to the festive atmosphere and community spirit of the event. This festival not only showcases the local maritime culture but also serves as a platform for communal bonding and cultural expression.

DateUsually the Sunday closest to the 4th of May in the lunar calendar
*4th of May in the lunar calendar in 2024 is June 8th in the western calendar.
LocationHamakawa fishing port
(Okinawa Prefecture Chatan town Aza port 4)
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Main CompetitionsWomen’s Hari, Clan Hari, General Hari, Workplace Hari
Festival Number16th occurrence in 2024
SignificanceA celebration of local maritime culture and community bonding


Tomigusuku Hari Tournament [2024 July]

The Tomigusuku Hari is recognized as the progenitor of the various dragon boat (Hari) tournaments throughout Okinawa. Tracing its roots back approximately 600 years, it began when Wang Ouso, then king of South Mountain, returned from China. Inspired by his studies, he constructed a dragon boat and launched it in the waters of what is now Manako in Naha city, initiating the first dragon boat competition to pray for abundant crops. Unlike most Hari events that align with the 4th of May in the lunar calendar, Tomigusuku Hari takes place from early July to mid-August at Tomisaki Churasun Beach, making it a significant attraction for tourists. The festival includes diverse competitions ranging from municipal to workplace categories, involving various community groups and visitors.

DatesUsually from mid-July to early August
LocationChurasun Beach north side (Tomisaki seaside park)
(Okinawa Prefecture Tomigusuku city Tomisaki 5−1)
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Participant CategoriesMunicipal Hari (including city hall, city council, schools, PTCA, returnees, international students), Workplace Hari (men and women)
Historical OriginInitiated by Wang Ouso 600 years ago as the first dragon boat competition in Okinawa
PopularityHighly popular among tourists due to its timing and scenic location


Nago City Mayor Cup Dispute All Island Hari Tournament [2024 August, 2024]

The Nago City Mayor Cup Dispute All Island Hari Tournament, affectionately referred to as the “Hari Koshien,” is a premier event in Okinawa’s sporting calendar, usually taking place in early August. Celebrated for attracting the highest number of participants across the prefecture, this tournament features intense competitions, from qualifiers to finals. The 2023 tournament marked its return for the first time in four years, emphasizing its significance and the anticipation surrounding it each year. Held at the Nago fishing port, the event gathers teams from across the island, showcasing a high level of skill and community spirit in thrilling dragon boat races.

Date2024 August
LocationNago fishing port premises
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SignificanceFeatures the highest number of participants in the prefecture; intense competitive matches
Previous EventHeld on August 6, 2023, after a four-year hiatus


Okinawa Dragon Boat Festival [2024 August]

The Okinawa Dragon Boat Festival, hosted annually at Itoman fishing port in Itoman city during the latter half of August, stands as the largest-scale Hari tournament in the prefecture. This prestigious event, also known as the “Okinawa No.1 Deciding Race,” is reserved exclusively for teams that have excelled in regional competitions throughout Okinawa. Unlike other local Hari events where boat and oar designs vary, this festival standardizes the use of traditional Itoman Hari boats and oars, ensuring a uniform competition environment that emphasizes skill and teamwork.

Date2024 August
LocationItoman fishing port north area
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ParticipationOpen only to teams that have performed well in regional competitions throughout Okinawa
Equipment StandardizationTraditional Itoman Hari boats and oars are uniformly used


Kadena Hari Tournament [2024 June]

The Kadena Hari Tournament is a significant cultural event held annually at Kadena fishing port, where the Hija River meets the sea. This festival usually takes place on the Sunday closest to the 4th of May in the lunar calendar. The tournament features various competitions, including workplace Hari, community association Hari, and women’s Hari. Each race builds up to a thrilling finale, with workplace teams competing fiercely to make it to the top three, culminating in an exciting final match that draws large crowds and high energy from the local community.

DateUsually, on the Sunday around the 4th of May in the lunar calendar
LocationKadena fishing port
(Okinawa Prefecture Nakagami-gun Kadena town Mizugama 566-7)
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Main CompetitionsWorkplace Hari, community association Hari, women’s Hari
Event HighlightsQualifiers, semi-finals, and final matches intensify the competition


Yomitan Village Hari Tournament [2024 Late June to July]

Yomitan Village’s Hari Tournament is a beloved community event held at Uza Beach, typically scheduled for a Sunday late in June to July, following the end of the rainy season. This festival involves traditional dragon boat races where 12 people—10 rowers, a steersman, and a bell ringer—compete in boats called Sabani over distances of 200-300 meters. The event starts with Ugan Hari and includes various categories such as the general section, community association competition, and student section, engaging the community in spirited races.

DateUsually in late June to July on a Sunday
LocationUza beach
(Okinawa Prefecture Nakagami-gun Yomitan village Uza)
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Event StructureRaces include Ugan Hari, general section, community association, and student races

Hari on Okinawa’s Remote Islands

Tonaki Village Hari (Sea God Festival) [2024 June 9 (Sun)]

The Tonaki Village Hari, also known as the Sea God Festival, is a significant cultural event held annually at Tonaki fishing port. The festival is traditionally celebrated on the 4th of May in the lunar calendar and is deeply rooted in the island’s heritage, primarily focusing on the prosperity of the local fishing industry. The event is a communal prayer for safety in navigation, successful entrepreneurship, and bountiful catches. A standout feature of the festival is the Agaibari, a spirited competition where the men of the island vie for honor, divided by their respective areas. This competition not only showcases their rowing prowess but also reinforces community bonds.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun) *Anticipated
LocationTonaki fishing port
(Okinawa Prefecture Shimajiri-gun Tonaki village Tonaki village)
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Main EventAgaibari (competitive rowing event for local pride)
SignificancePrayers for safety of navigation, successful entrepreneurship, and abundant fishing


Ishigaki City Dragon Boat Competition (Sea God Festival Hari) [2024 June 9 (Sun)]

The Ishigaki City Dragon Boat Competition, also known as the Sea God Festival Hari, is Ishigaki Island’s largest dragon boat festival, attracting thousands of spectators each year to Ishigaki port. Traditionally, the event was an exclusive affair for fishermen, but it has since opened up to the general public, allowing anyone to participate. The competition kicks off at 08:00 with traditional dance, followed by a series of races that last until the afternoon. Highlight races include the “Ugan (prayer) Hari,” featuring a capsizing and righting of the boat, and the “Uwagari Hari,” a speed race among the area’s strongest competitors. The event symbolizes the end of the rainy season on Ishigaki Island, according to local lore, marking a time of celebration and communal pride.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun), starting at 08:00
LocationIshigaki fishing port, Ishigaki Island
(Okinawa Prefecture, Ishigaki city, Hamasaki town)
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Main EventsUgan Hari, Uwagari Hari
Unique AspectsOpen to all, not just fishermen; includes traditional dance
Cultural SignificanceMarks the traditional end of the rainy season on Ishigaki Island


Ishigaki Island Funakuya Hari [2024 June 9 (Sun)]

The Ishigaki Island Funakuya Hari is a testament to the rich maritime traditions of the old Uminchu (fishermen) of Ishigaki. Historically, fishermen would carry their boats across the island to the opposite coast, depending on the weather, to launch their vessels. This practice has evolved into a formal competition, with events like the Ogan Hari and the Five Brave Warriors Hari, where teams carry their dragon boat from the eastern beach to the western fishing port. This festival is not just a race but a celebration of the enduring spirit and unity among the fishermen.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun)
LocationFunakuya fishing port, north part of Ishigaki Island, Ibaruma
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Main EventsOgan Hari, Five Brave Warriors Hari
TraditionBased on historical practices of transporting boats across the island


Kume Island Torishima Hari Boat Tournament [2024 June 9 (Sun)]

Every year on Kume Island, the Torishima Hari Boat Tournament is held as part of a larger celebration where each of the three settlements—Torishima, Gima, and Mabaru fishing ports—hosts its own Hari. The Gima fishing port event notably deviates from this schedule, occurring on the Sunday following the 4th of May in the lunar calendar, contrasting with the other ports’ adherence to the exact date. This festival is a significant event for the local community, bringing together the island’s residents in a vibrant display of boating skill and competitive spirit.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun)
LocationTorishima fishing port
Address: Okinawa Prefecture Shimajiri-gun Kumejima town Aza Torishima
ParticipationEach of the three settlements holds a tournament
Schedule NoteGima fishing port’s tournament held on the Sunday following the 4th of May in the lunar calendar


Kume Island Mabaru Hari [2024 June 9 (Sun)]

The Kume Island Mabaru Hari is an integral part of a triad of dragon boat festivals held annually on Kume Island. This event, along with those at Torishima and Gima fishing ports, takes place on the 4th of May in the lunar calendar, celebrating local maritime culture and community spirit. Mabaru fishing port hosts its festival on this traditional date, inviting competitors and spectators alike to participate in a day of competitive racing and cultural festivities, reinforcing the island’s deep-rooted connection to the sea.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun)
LocationNakasato fishing port
(Okinawa Prefecture Shimajiri-gun Kumejima town Une)
Event TypeDragon boat racing festival
Cultural SignificancePart of a series of races held across three ports on Kume Island on the same day


Kume Island Gima Hari [Sunday following the 4th of May in the lunar calendar]

Kume Island Gima Hari, alongside festivals at Torishima and Mabaru fishing ports, marks a significant annual event where each settlement showcases its boating prowess. Gima fishing port uniquely schedules its Hari to occur on the Sunday following the 4th of May in the lunar calendar, allowing it a distinct spot in the local festive calendar. This day is dedicated to dragon boat races that not only promote local tradition but also encourage community involvement and spectatorship.

DateUsually, on the Sunday following the 4th of May in the lunar calendar
*4th of May in the lunar calendar in 2024 is June 8 on the western calendar
LocationGima fishing port
(Okinawa Prefecture Shimajiri-gun Kumejima town Aza Gima)
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Event TypeDragon boat racing festival
Unique SchedulingHeld distinctly from other local races, on the subsequent Sunday


Ie Island Sea God Festival [2024 June 9 (Sun)]

The Ie Island Sea God Festival, locally known as “Pari,” is a vibrant annual celebration on Ie Island, marking the onset of full summer. Traditionally held on the 4th of May in the lunar calendar, the festival is a communal plea for safe navigation and abundant fishing, centered around Tachinjanashi Shrine. The festival features a variety of races including the Ugan (prayer) Pari, a middle school competition, and a highly anticipated capsizing competition by local fishermen, which draws significant excitement. The event extends into the evening, concluding around 8 pm with karaoke and other lively entertainment, adding to the communal joy. Additionally, a children’s sumo tournament is also a highlight of the festival.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun)
Usually on the 4th of May in the lunar calendar
LocationOkinawa Prefecture Ie village Taira Ie port inside Opguchi
(Okinawa Prefecture Kunigami-gun Ie village Kawahira 51)
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Main CompetitionsUgan Pari, middle school competition, capsizing competition
Additional EventsChildren’s sumo tournaments, karaoke, and other entertainment
SignificancePrayers for safe navigation and abundant fishing


Yonaguni Hari (Sea God Festival) [2024 June 9 (Sun)]

The Yonaguni Hari, also known as the Sea God Festival, is an annual event deeply rooted in the local culture of Japan’s westernmost island, Yonaguni. Traditionally held on the 4th of May in the lunar calendar at Kubura fishing port, the festival is a communal prayer for the safety and prosperity of the island’s fishing community. In 2023, the festival resumed on June 21 after a four-year hiatus due to the pandemic, marking a significant moment of cultural revival. The event features competitive races, including the Ugan Bari, which involves prayers for safe voyaging and abundant catches, and the Capsizing Bari, a thrilling race where competitors intentionally capsize their boats before continuing the race.

Date2024 June 9 (Sun) Anticipated
LocationKubura fishing port, Yonaguni town
(〒907-1801 Okinawa Prefecture Yaeyama-gun Yonaguni town)
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Main CompetitionsUgan Bari, Capsizing Bari
Special NotesResumed in 2023 after a four-year pause due to the pandemic
Cultural SignificancePrayers for safety and abundant fishing, reflecting the local maritime heritage

Why Attend a Hari Festival?

Attending a Hari Festival offers a unique glimpse into Okinawa’s community spirit and cultural vibrancy. Spectators can enjoy the thrilling races, vibrant traditional costumes, and the festive atmosphere that fills the air with excitement and celebration. It’s an opportunity to experience a deep-rooted tradition that brings communities together in a spectacular maritime setting.

Okinawa’s Hari Festivals are not just about the races; they are a celebration of community, culture, and tradition, making them a must-visit for anyone looking to engage with the heart and soul of Okinawan culture. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a culture aficionado, or just looking for a unique way to experience Okinawa, the Hari Festivals offer something for everyone. 🌊🚣‍♂️🎉

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