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Okinawa Parks for Kids: Fun Weekend Getaways

Looking for exciting and free parks to take your kids to in Okinawa? We’ve got you covered! Here are some carefully selected parks in Okinawa that offer thrilling slides, trampolines for jumping, and even opportunities to interact with goats. Each park has its unique charm and provides outdoor fun and enjoyable play equipment for children of all ages.

Parks in Northern Okinawa

1. Kintarumaland (Kin Town)

Located within the premises of Kin Town’s community center, gymnasium, and athletic stadium, Kintarumaland is a fantastic park for kids. It features a Heartful Island area where toddlers and older children can enjoy activities like rolling and crawling. On hot sunny days, mist is sprayed to prevent heatstroke, making it an ideal place to beat the heat.

2. “Ginoza” Michi-no-Eki Park (Ginoza Village)

Renovated in 2018, Michi-no-Eki Park in Ginoza Village boasts a four-level structure with large play equipment. From various slides and trampolines to net play equipment, this park is a reflection of Ginoza Village’s charm. At the top of the play equipment, you’ll even find the village’s adorable mascot character, “Gino-kun.”

  • Address: 1633 Kan’na, Ginoza Village, Kunigami District, Okinawa
  • Parking: Available
  • Restrooms: Available

Parks in Central Okinawa

3. Zanpa Cape Park (Yomitan Village)

With its prominent large Shisa (lion-dog) statue, Zanpa Cape Park was renovated in April 2016. It offers a variety of play equipment, including bouldering walls, swings, and slides, making it a safe and enjoyable place for young children. The park also features spacious grassy areas, perfect for a relaxing picnic.

4. Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park (Okinawa City)

In October 2017, this park introduced a large compound play equipment with a total of seven slides. The highest point of the play equipment, which overlooks the beautiful sea of Awase, is particularly popular among children. The surrounding area also provides a vast lawn where kids can play soccer or catch a ball.

Parks in Southern Okinawa

5. Nakagusuku Park (Nakagusuku Village)

Nakagusuku Park features two distinct areas: the “Nature Learning Area” with a walking trail surrounded by trees, and the “Nature Coexistence Area” with a campsite and play equipment. The “Nature Coexistence Area” offers various attractions, including sound-producing play equipment, sandboxes for toddlers, and action-packed play equipment like three-tiered structures, trampolines, and slides, which are popular among elementary school children.

6. Gusukuroad Park (Nanjo City)

Fully renovated in April 2017, Gusukuroad Park offers a range of play equipment suitable for different age groups. Each play area is designed with safety in mind, featuring cushioned flooring. With its natural surroundings, this park provides a wonderful environment for kids to play and explore.

7. Dolphin Park (Nishihara Town)

The Dolphin Park features a giant playground with dolphin-themed designs. It offers a variety of play equipment suitable for both toddlers, including safe slides, and older children, such as roller slides. Additionally, there are nearby dining options and the sparkling Nishihara Beach, making it a great place to enjoy summer fun.

8.Peace Memorial Park (Itoman City)

With three types of slides, a bouldering area, and a corner for trampolines and other full-body activities, Peace Memorial Park is a popular spot where even young children can have a full day of fun. It also includes an area specifically designed for small children to enjoy.

9.Kaigun Gou Park (Tomigusuku City)

One of the main attractions at Kaigun Gou Park is a long roller slide built into a slope. In addition to the roller slide, there are smaller slides, rope and net play equipment, and convenient rest areas, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for younger children.

10. Onoyama Park (Naha City)

Upon arriving at the playground area, children will be greeted by dragon and Shisa-shaped play equipment. They can enjoy not only slides but also athletic play equipment, narrow passageways, and suspension bridges. There is also a small slide and sandbox area below the stairs, making it a great spot to bring sand toys.

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