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Explore the Best of Tokashiki Island, Okinawa: A Complete Day Trip Guide

Tokashiki Island, part of the Kerama Islands in Okinawa, is renowned for its crystal-clear waters known as the “Kerama Blue.” This destination is a magnet for divers and beach lovers alike, thanks to its beautiful beaches and the accessibility from Naha, being only 30km away. In 2014, the Kerama Islands were designated as a national park, boosting their allure. Below, find the optimal itinerary for a one-day adventure in Tokashiki, easily accessible from Naha.

Morning Departure: Starting Your Adventure

9:00 AM: Departure from Tomari Port 🚢

  • Your journey begins at Tomari Port in Naha. Choose between the 70-minute “Ferry Tokashiki” and the 35-minute “Marine Liner Tokashiki”. For day trips, the morning ferries are recommended.
  • Preparation: Ensure you arrive early at the port as the boarding area for the Marine Liner Tokashiki is a 10-minute walk from the ticket counter, located at the north shore.

Arrival and Exploration

9:35 AM: Arrival at Tokashiki Port 🛵

Depending on how you wish to spend your day. If you wish to spend the day on the beach, shuttle buses usually await at the ferry port upon your arrival. For a small fee, they will take you to the Aharen Beach. Exploring the 25km island is essential for a fulfilling day, and scooter are your best bet as the rugged terrain and limited bus service make other options less viable.

Tokashiki Island Tour Bus

Tokashiki Island Shuttle Bus between ferry port and Aharen beach. Cash only.

Pro-Tip: “Kariyushi Rental Service Tokashiki Island” offers 50cc scooter at 4,000 yen per day (fuel extra).

Karuyushi Rental Service:

Beach Time and Marine Activities

10:30 AM: Dive into Marine Activities at Aharen Beach 🏖️

Aharen area buzzes with life, hosting a variety of dining and accommodation facilities along with several diving shops. It’s a favorite spot for spending the entire day soaking in sun and fun.

Midday Meal

12:30 PM: Savor a Seafood Lunch at Octopus Garden 🍣

After some water activities, refuel with a delicious lunch. Octopus Garden near the beach entrance offers delightful dishes like tuna bowls for 1,000 yen among other local favorites.

Optopus Garden

Address: 176 Aharen, Tokashiki, Shimajiri District, Okinawa 901-3502

Afternoon Stroll and Relaxation

1:30 PM: Discover Hidden Gems and Lookout Points 🌄

Post-lunch, explore the secret spots around Aharen Beach like the Tunnel Rock, which provides a serene retreat from the sun and crowds.

A short climb leads to the Kubandaki Lookout, offering stunning views of the surrounding waters and islands.

Kubandaki Lookout:

2:30 PM: Unwind at Tokashiku Beach 🌴

For those seeking quieter spots, Tokashiku Beach is ideal. Surrounded by coral reefs, it’s perfect for a peaceful afternoon, with chances to spot sea turtles while snorkeling.

Tokashiku Beach:

Closing Your Day

4:00 PM: Take in the View from the Island’s Highest Peak 🏞️

If you have personal transport, visiting various lookouts across the island, like the scenic East and West Lookouts near Akama Mountain’s peak at 227m, is highly recommended.

Mt. East Lookout:

Mt. West Lookout:

5:00 PM: Return on the Marine Liner Tokashiki 🚤

If you’re planning to spend a day at Aharen Beach, be mindful of the shuttle timings back to the ferry port. Allow plenty of time to gather your things and stroll leisurely back to the bus stop. As the day gently ebbs away and the sun dips towards the horizon, make your way back to the port. Should time permit, meander through the quaint local shops, picking up unique souvenirs and tasty snacks, capturing the essence of this magical island to take home with you.

Important Travel Details

Ferry & Speed Boat Schedules and Prices

Ferry Tokashiki
Departing from: North Pier (Hokugan) of Tomari Port
Duration: 70 minutes
Transport service: passenger, cargo, vehicles

Marine liner Tokashiki
Departing from: North Pier (Hokugan) of Tomari Port
Duration: 35 minutes
Transport service: Passengers only

TicketRound-trip fareOne-way fare
Ferry Tokashiki
(One time per day)
Adult 3210 yenAdult 1690 yen
Child 1610 yenChild 850 yen
Marine Liner Tokashiki
(Two to three times per day)
Adult 4810 yenAdult 2530 yen
Child 2410 yenChild 1270 yen

How To Find The Ferry Schedule


Ferry is the only mean of transportation for locals and tourists. Book your ferry tickets online ahead of time to secure your spot.

*Advance booking is available from two months before departure date.
*Adult fares are for passengers aged 12 years and older (junior high school students and over).
*Children’s fares are for passengers aged 1 to 11 years old (elementary school students).
*Group discounts are available for 15 or more passengers booking together.
*An environmental protection tax of 100 yen/round trip will be added to the fare (not applicable for ages 15 and under).
*One child under the age of 5 per paying adult may travel for free.

Tokashiki Island offers a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the pristine beauty of Okinawa’s islands. Whether you’re there for the diving, beaches, or simply to enjoy the natural scenery, Tokashiki is sure to provide an unforgettable day trip.

Kouri Jima, Kouri Island

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