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Kouri Island: Your Chill Guide to Beaches, Bites, and Sightseeing Approved by Locals

Kouri Island, stuffed with eye-popping seas and lush greenery, is a tiny island hitched to mainland Okinawa by a bridge. It’s buzzed about as a power spot, known for its spiritual vibes. This article takes you through the awesome sights and suggested routes on Kouri Island – it’s all you need for a trip you won’t forget.

Kouri Island Kouri Bridge Okinawa

Kouri Island Uncovered

Kouri Island is a tiny gem in the northern part of Okinawa, hugged by emerald-green seas. Ever since it got connected to Yagaji Island via a bridge in 2005, it’s been a hot spot. Even though it’s small, circling the island by car takes about 10 minutes. With plenty of beaches and power spots, you can easily fill a day getting to know the island.

Kouri Jima, Kouri Island, Okinawa, Japan


The Must-See Spots on Kouri Island

Kouri Island, with its sparkling waters and natural beauty, is a remote island that’s hard to resist. Here are some spots you just can’t miss:

Kouri Bridge

This 1,960-meter-long bridge, opened in 2005, is the link between Kouri Island and Yagaji Island. It’s the second-longest toll-free bridge in Okinawa Prefecture. Driving over the emerald-green sea makes for a cool experience. Near the bridge, you’ll find Kouri Beach and a plaza packed with souvenirs.

Kouri Jima, Kouri Island, Okinawa, Japan


Kouri Ocean Tower

The Kouri Ocean Tower serves up panoramic views of Kouri Island from an observation deck about 80 meters above sea level. On clear days, you can see all the way to Ogimi Village and Kunigami Village on the main Okinawa Island.

■ Operating Hours 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Last admission at 5:30 PM, Last food order at 4:00 PM Last drink order at 4:30 PM)
※ In the event of severe weather conditions such as typhoons and the impact of infectious diseases, temporary closure may occur.

🎟️ Tickets: Adult (16 yr or above) ¥1,000, 6-15 yr: ¥500, Under 6: Free
🅿️ Parking: Free (200 spots)

The Power Spot Highlights of Kouri Island

Kouri Island has a legend like “Adam and Eve,” where it’s said that a boy and a girl descended from the sky and lived naked, just like Adam and Eve. These two are thought to be the original ancestors of the Ryukyuan people, which is why Kouri Island is a hit as a sacred place for power spots. Let’s check out some of the intriguing power spots on Kouri Island.

Heart Rocks

Nestled on Tinnu Beach, Heart Rock is a heart-shaped rock that’s been shaped by the waves over hundreds or even thousands of years. Kouri Island is often called “Love Island” due to its link with the Adam and Eve legend in Okinawa, making it a trendy spot for youngsters in recent years. Walk through the grassy area where you can hear the sound of the waves, and you’ll hit Tinnu Beach, with “Heart Rock” standing out. It’s a spot where you’ll just have to take a pic.

Heart Rocks, Kouri Jima, Kouri Island, Okinawa, Japan


The Cave of Beginnings: “Hajimari no Doukutsu”

The “Hajimari no Doukutsu” (Cave of Beginnings) is tucked away on a small beach known as Chigun Beach. This is thought to be a power spot linked with the origin of humanity in Ryukyuan mythology, where Adam and Eve are said to have lived. Recent digs have uncovered pit dwellings from the Jomon period, and this sacred place has been loved by the locals for generations. It’s a captivating spot that brings the world of Ryukyuan mythology to life, and you should definitely pay it a visit.

The Cape of the Beginning, Kouri Jima, Kouri Island, Okinawa, Japan


A Sacred Place for Fertility Prayers: “Bijurunmee Utaki” and “Putuki Numee Utaki”

“Bijurunmee Utaki” boasts a cave said to represent a woman’s uterus. Inside the cave, there’s a rock that looks like the Virgin Mary holding a baby, making for a mystical atmosphere. It’s also a well-known spot for fertility prayers, with some believing that a visit to “Bijurunmee Utaki” can result in having a baby boy. Then there’s “Putuki Numee Utaki,” a large rock that’s believed to symbolize the male organ. These one-of-a-kind power spots are proof of Kouri Island’s role as the birthplace of humanity.

The Mommy Utaki:
The Daddy Utaki:

Beach-Hopping on Kouri Island

When you visit Kouri Island, known for its emerald-green seas, you gotta hit the beach. The island is home to a range of beaches, from popular ones loved by tourists to hidden spots and natural beaches that let you reconnect with nature. Here, we introduce some of Kouri Island’s irresistible beaches.

Kouri Island Beach

With its blue sea, pure white sandy shores, and the Kouri Ohashi Bridge, “Kouri Island Beach” is right at the base of the Kouri Ohashi Bridge. The next-door “Kouri Local Products Center” sells a range of local products, making it a great place for souvenir shopping.

Kouri Beach,  Kouri Jima, Kouri Island, Okinawa, Japan

The Mommy Utaki:
The Daddy Utaki:

Chigun Beach

“Chigun Beach” is a small, natural beach, known as the location of the power spot “Hajimari no Doukutsu” from Ryukyuan mythology.

Chigun Beach Kouri Island Okinawa


Tinnu Beach

“Tinnu Beach” is known for the popular tourist spot, Heart Rock. Despite its small size, “Tinnu Beach” offers stunning views, with its white sandy beach and the gradient of blue in the sea shining through.

Tinnu Beach, Kouri Island, Okinawa, Japan


Tokei Beach

“Tokei Beach” is a spot that’s been used for movies and commercials. It’s pretty untouched and offers a peaceful environment, with fewer people swimming.

Tokei Beach, Kouri Island, Okinawa, Japan


Sounu Beach

“Sounu Beach” is one of the lesser-known hidden gems among Kouri Island’s beaches. Because it attracts fewer tourists, you can experience nature in its pure state.

* This beach is hidden behind the bush. Follow the small path through the dense plants and you will see paradise.

Tasting the Treats of Kouri Island

Next, let’s dig into the treats of Kouri Island. As a resort destination, Kouri Island is known for its crystal-clear waters, making it perfect for restaurants with ocean-view terraces and chilled-out, open-air dining.

Gajumaru Rock

“Gajumaru Rock” is a restaurant where you can enjoy the spacious, open environment. The terrace seats come with hammocks, so you can kick back in full resort mode.

🗓️ Hours: Monday – Friday, 11:30AM – 6PM. Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Japanese Holidays

Cafe Fukurubi

“Cafe Fukurubi” is a cafe that serves up a variety of dishes made from locally sourced ingredients, including pizza and smoothies made from fresh fruits.

🗓️ Hours: 12PM – 6PM. Last order at 5PM


“L LOTA” is known for its sleek modern design. The restaurant offers scenic views of Kouri Bridge through its glass walls, setting up a stunning ambiance.

Soak up the unique charm of Kouri Island’s tourist spots, beaches, and foodie treasures. A visit to Kouri Island promises a trip that’s packed with great memories!

🗓️ Hours: 12PM – 4PM, 6:30-9PM. Closed on Thursday and Japanese Holidays.

Soak up the unique charm of Kouri Island’s tourist spots, beaches, and foodie treasures. A visit to Kouri Island promises a trip that’s packed with great memories!

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