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Okinawa Inspired Christmas Ornaments by Oki Social – Story of The Wind

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Depends on who you ask, a scientist may tell you the wind is made of invisible molecules. A poet may tell you the wind is a messenger. For me, the wind is an artist. She spent centries patiently craving big rocks into shapes that challenge our imagination. She makes a poem by fiddling leaves of Fukuki trees across our villages.

I want to tell you stories about the Okinawa wind, that is why I created our 2019 edition of Christmas ornaments to carry the message. Read along to see what I have prepared for you.

Okinawa Soba

Before we can taste it, we smell its aroma…

Okinawa soba without a doubt is the No.1 soul food in Okinawa. It also tells the story of how the islanders use limited resources to create such tastings influenced by the Chinese and Japanese culture. But before we can taste it, we smell the aroma of its broth – a unique mix of pork and fish. The real secret of the magical aroma of Okinawa soba, is hidden on the bottom of this ornament – Kōrēgusu. Kōrēgusu means spice in Okinawan dialect. It is hot chili pepper soaked in rice wine. In Okinawa, it is the only alcohol you can legally consume before driving ;). Kōrēgusu is the cornerstone of your Okinawa experience, once you smell the remarkable aroma, you are addicted. 

The Rocks

The wind’s craftmanship…

While the gentle ocean breeze almost seems harmless, over time, combined with the power of the wave, it can crave rocks. During low tide, thousands of rocks laying on the seabed emerge casting an expressive display. Many of them appear to be tiptoeing dangerously. For centuries, their bottom has been craved by the enthusiastic ocean current, pushed and pulled by the wind, inch by inch. It is at this time you see the wind’s power and persistence. 

Okinawa Sea

The wind is the artist who paints our world

To witness the wind’s creation, you must climb to the top of the castle ruins left behind by the Ryukyu kingdom. There you will see the handy work of the wind. The mountains are a real-life fantasy colored a beautiful green because the wind scooped up moisture from the Okinawa sea and spread them across submit and wedges. Wave lines march toward the beaches, mesmerizing you while sending nutrients that create and nurture lives in Okinawa. 

Red Tiled Roof

Everywhere the wind goes, houses become homes

In Okinawa, everywhere the wind goes, houses become homes. Okinawa homes are designed for the wind to flow through, for that is the only way for us to survive and thrive under the unforgiving tropical sun. When the wind passes our homes, the curtains start to dance, Fukuki trees start to sing. The change of season in Okinawa brings in new seasonal food, sets up new challenges for fishermen, and brings new opportunities for businesses. 


The timeless wind

The wind comes and goes, but it has always been here, long before we have. The wind has seen the beautiful city we have created. The wind has seen the conflict between us that brings us suffering. The wind will be here long after we leave. Breathe, before she passes you. The last ornament is dedicated to the timeless wind, who travels across places and time.

We hope you enjoy what we created for you. May these ornaments swing gently on your Christmas tree to remind you of the feeling when the Okinawa wind touched your hair. Have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. 

Bring The Okinawa Wind to Your House

If you enjoy these ornaments and would like to include them as part of your holiday celebration this year, or if you think they make great gifts for your loved ones, you can order the entire collection including the mystery design.