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Comic Con Okinawa 2019 Limited Edition Star Wars Samurai Warriors Premium Art Prints

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Our co-founder and lead designer Desmond created these four Star Wars character designs for Comic Con Okinawa 2019. Read along to learn more about this mashup Japanese bamboo brush and iconic figures from the Western culture.

About The Star Wars Samurai Warriors

Why Star Wars? Desmond is not much of a comic enthusiast nor a cosplayer, though he did watch many Marvel and Disney movies based on comic books. He played Darth Vadar in Star Wars Ballet, a production of Okinawa City Ballet School, in summer 2019. As a result, he knows the original Star Wars movie inside out. Desmond is known for creating Japan, especially Okinawa focus art. Comic Con Okinawa is the perfect opportunity to weld his two passions together, to show everyone Star Wars in a different cultural setting.

Four Iconic Star Wars Characters as Japanese samurais, knock knock…

Storm Trooper

There are four iconic Star Wars characters in the collection. The first one is stormtrooper as the archer warrior. Laser guns are cool, but bow and arrow can be just as deadly as laser in the hands of a samurai warrior.

Princess Leia

The second character is Princess Leia in Ryukyu kimono waiting for battle. This design is inspired by the legend of Ii Naotora – a Japanese female warlord from the 16th century.

Darth Vader

The third character is Darth Vader. The legendary general from the dark side needs no introduction, but what is going to look like if he lived in the 17th century without advanced technology?

Queen Amidala

Last but not least, the choice fourth character was between Queen Amidala and Ahsoka. Our fans voted for the queen.

Star Wars Samurai Warrior Art Print Size

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