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Printable Okinawa One Day Tour Itinerary Vol. 1 – South Okinawa Ocean View Tour

Printable Okinawa One Day Tour Itinerary - South Okinawa Ocean View Tour
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Does it any of these sound like you?

  • There are lots to see in Okinawa, so much that you don’t know how to plan.
  • You are preparing for your trip to Okinawa, and you want to get the most out of your trip.
  • You have seen the major touristy spots, and you want to find something unique and hidden – you know, where the locals hang out.

We are making a series of printable itineraries to help you plan, discover, and enjoy Okinawa. These itineraries are beautiful, filled with local knowledge, and printable.

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See it in action

This video is contributed by Adam Phillips and his family. Follow Adam’s camera to see this trip plan in action.


Nirai Kanai Bridge

Kick off your trip with the spectacular view from Nirai Kanai Bridge. Best way to enjoy it is at the observatory at the top of the bridge. If you like hiking and like to enjoy the view in slow-mo. It is about 600 meters round trip. 300 m down, 300 m up.

Cape Chinen

One of the four famous ocean views of Okinawa. Grab a drink and some snacks from the shop beside the parking lot. Walk two minutes to the park and enjoy the view.

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Hyakuna Beach

A spacious natural beach with white sand under the clear water stretching all the way out to the edge or the reef. This area has many utakis. An utaki is a place where the locals worship their gods. The part of Okinawa’s main island is the closest to Kutaka island, where the locals believe is the resting place of their god. Therefore you may see worshipping spots around the area. You may also see worshipers. Be respectful. Don’t disrupt or take photos.

Tidal movements can be dramatic in the area. There is a stele on the beach called Ya-ha-ma-tus-ka-sa. You can see it during low tide, and it will completely submerge during high tide.

Lunch Break

Lunch spot recommendations

Yaese Roadside Station

Roadside stations in Japanese are full or characters. You can find locally made products and produces for a bargain. Here in Yaese, you should try the sweet potato mochi and the black sugar zenzai.

Cape Kiya

Few know this is a great spot to watch sunset in Okinawa. Cape Kiya still carries the scar from the battle of Okinawa. Few know what happened here from that two months of hell, but everyone should appreciate the peace we enjoy today.

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