Ohana Community Shop

A gift shop featuring art and gifts by local makers on Okinawa

Oki Social focuses on creating Okinawa theme art & gifts. Our products are sold in over ten store locations across Okinawa.

In March 2021, we took a giant leap in our journey to open our first own small shop at the Kadena Exchange. We call our first baby Ohana Community Shop. Besides our original products, we also invited local creators to join our adventure. Ohana is a Hawaiin word for family. We want this shop to be a place for customers who value originality, locally made products, and a platform for our local creator family on Okinawa.

Ohana Community Shop Promo Video

Our lead designer, Desmond Liang created this logo for the store. The design follows the same style as many community shops’ logos. It captures the beauty of the island, Okinawa sourced keepsakes and abundant products in the region.

Ohana Community Shop Logo

What is a commmunity shop?

A community shop is a dated business model. It was popular before the major business development in Okinawa. Back in the day, many villages in Okinawa had community shops. The shops were funded, managed, and supplied by the villagers. The board members also ensured the store carry essentials for the villagers. Many of these community shops features locally produced products. After the first community shop was founded in Oku of northern Okinawa, it spread to Kyushu – the south region of mainland Japan.

Now all community shops in mainland Japanese have been replaced by convenience store chains. The last community shops in Japan still stand on Okinawa, where they all started.

Support This Project

If you live on Okinawa and have access to Kadena Air Force Base, we hope you will visit the store at the Kadena Exchange. We are a mobile shop, and the Exchange rotates vendors every month. Visit our Instagram page for the store’s current location.

We have t-shirts with the store logo for sale in-store and online. We hope you enjoy the design and the shirt. When you wear it, not only do you contribute to building a vibrant community, you also show the world that you support artists and local businesses in Okinawa.

Ohana Community Shop Official Tee – Multiple Color Options