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Ryukyu Umi, the Okinawa map that captures the colors of the Okinawa sea at different times

Since the launch of the Okinawa Map in 2016,  we have created three color schemes with colors extracted from the beautiful scenic views and nature of Okinawa. 

In case you are not familiar the three color schemes we currently offer, they are:

Zanpa Sunset
Okinawa Map Red Hibiscus

but something is still missing…

Though the color schemes above have been well received, each of them only speaks a small piece of Okinawa. We want to create a color scheme that uniquely represents the most significant aspect of Okinawa. A color scheme that represents not just a part of Okinawa, but all of it.

We chose the sea

The sea around Okinawa has created and continues to shave Okinawa and its people, it has outlasted everything and everyone on the island. The wave sets the pace of life, and the water has created a colorful underwater world that inspires people of Okinawa, who created the art and culture we live in today. The sea is what Okinawa is all about, so we set out to create a color scheme that captures the color of the Okianwa sea.

To capture the sprite of the Okinawa sea on a map, we incorporated the colors of the Okinawa sea at different times into the design.

Here have the fourth color schemes of the Okinawa map – Ryukyu Umi, which means Okinawa sea in Japanese.

Three Sizes

This time we have gone one step further. Beside the poster size, we have also created a small A4 ( about 8′ x 11′) size and a fridge magnet. Our fans absolutely love them, and here are a few comments we receive about this new products.

Map Poster
Letter Size Print
Fridge Magnet

Every time I see the map, I can hear the sound of the wave again.

Taylor Bennett
North Carolina, USA

I love my map. The color is prefect. That is exactly what I want. Thank you Oki Social.

Lauren Thompson
Arizona, USA

Where Can I Find It?

The Ryukyu Umi poster, A4 size print, and fridge magnets are available in the following locations.

Marine Gift Shop

Building # 1011 Camp Foster
Okinawa, Okinawa 96373

Website | Facebook Page

We are working to make our products available in more locations. If the none of the locations above is convenient enough for you, you can also order from our website. We ship to every corner of the world.