DIY a Japanese Koinobori

Koinobori DIY Kit

Enjoy the art of Japanese Koinobori and embrace the spirit of one of Japan’s most cheerful holidays by making your own koinobori at home with this koinobori DIY kit. All you need are simple tools and a crafty state of mind.

Okinawa Creators Fest 2020 March Event Brings Together The Best Makers in Okinawa

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For the first time in Okinawa, we are bringing to you an event that showcases local artists, crafters, makers, creative chefs, and performers under one roof. You will enjoy handmade crafts, locally made food, kids friendly activities from both Japanese and English speaking communities in Okinawa. Come join us on Saturday, March 7th.

Do you know where the sun rises first in Japan?

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Oki Social is going beyond Okinawa. Our artwork will welcome the first sunlight in Japan in 2020. Do you know where the sun rises first in Japan? and what that has to do with Okinawa? Read the full story to find out more.

Okinawa Shuri Castle Shureimon

Free Art: Shurei Gate of Shuri Castle in Okinawa

  • Free

Free artwork of Shureimon for everyone who wish to pay tribute to the fallen symbol of the Ryukyu kingdom – Shuri Castle of Okinawa. Please download it, print it about, do something with it, and share it.

Zuiseimon of Shuri Castle

Free Art: Zuisenmon of Shuri Castle in Okinawa

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Part II of the Shuri Castle memorial series. Free, downloadable, printable drawing of one more the most prominent gates of the fallen modern symbol of the Ryukyu kingdom.