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No 1. Okinawa Soba – Okinawa Bucket List

This is a tough one for me to write. Because obviously Okinawa soba restaurants are everywhere in Okinawa, but when it comes to recommendations, I am facing tough choices. But there is one brand that always holds a very special place in my heart, and that is Gabusouka Soba.

Gabusouka soba in Nago Okinawa
Gabusouka soba in Nago Okinawa

The name Gabusouka is the name of a district in Nago city, where restaurant is located. Whenever I go to Churaumi Aquarium, I always take a detour off from Route 58 to visit the first branch of Gabusouka Soba. The owner of Gabusouka Soba – Mr. Kinjo invented soki soba. Soki means soft pork bone. Regular Okinawa soba use pork belly, but you can often see soki soba on the menu in most soba restaurants in Okinawa, and here is where it started.

Gabusouka Soba has eight branches in Okinawa, and they ship everywhere in Japan. The Nago branch is not only a restaurant, it is also a museum. You can read about Kinjo san’s entrepreneurial story during post war Okinawa on the wall along with old photos. The store hasn’t made significant change to its interior and exterior since it was opened. Time freezes here, and the taste is locked. If you are lucky, you can meet Kinjo san and his wife hanging out at the restaurant.

I personally prefer soki soba over regular Okinawa soba because you get that dense texture and flavor in the broth. Give it a try. You can eat Okinawa soba in a lot of places in Okinawa, but this one isn’t just a place to eat Okinawa, it is Okinawa soba.

Tips & Tricks

  • The restaurant accepts cash, credit card, or major digital payment apps in Japan.
  • The menu is printed in Japanese and English .
  • Try the hot zenzai for dessert.


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