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Ie Island: Okinawa’s hidden treasure

Ah, Ie Island – or as I like to call it, the “What the heck, let’s just stay here forever” island. Located off the northern coast of Okinawa, this little slice of paradise is a 30-minute ferry ride into what I’m convinced is an alternate reality. Surrounded by the kind of cobalt blue sea that makes you question the accuracy of your camera’s color settings, Ie Island is not just a place; it’s a full-blown experience.

🚢 The Ferry Ride: More Than Just A-to-B

Starting with the ferry from Motobu Port, you might think, “It’s just a ferry ride, how exciting can it be?” Well, strap in. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill, stare-at-the-seagulls kind of journey. It’s a 30-minute mini-cruise where you’re elbow-to-elbow with locals and tourists, all buzzing with that “I’m about to step onto an island” excitement. The ferry runs four times a day, with extra trips during busy periods because, let’s face it, everyone wants a piece of the island life.

IE Jima Okinawa Ferry Port

IE Island Ferry Port

Practical Information About The Ferry

The ferry fare to Ie Island is 700 yen for the outward journey and 630 yen for the return journey, totaling 1,330 yen for a round trip. Children under 12 years old are half price.

If you book in advance, you can bring vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, and cars for an additional fee. Since the parking at Motobu Port is free, it’s also possible to park at the port and rent a vehicle on Ie Island.

There are four ferries a day from Motobu Port to Ie Port, departing at 9 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, and 5 PM. From Ie Port to Motobu Port, the ferries depart at 8 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM, and 4 PM, also four times a day.

It is advisable to board the ferry 10 minutes before departure time.

During the summer period from July 21 to August 31, there are five ferries a day, and during the New Year’s period from December 31 to January 3, there are eight ferries a day.

🏝️ Nyatiya Cave: Spelunking with a Side of Spirituality

First stop, Nyatiya Cave. This isn’t just any cave; it’s a sacred spot that has seen more prayers than the Vatican. Used as a bomb shelter during the war, it’s now a tranquil place where you can find locals praying for children or just enjoying the silence. The cave is a reminder that sometimes the best way to move forward is to take a quiet moment to look back.

🌊 Wajii: Cliffs That Make You Go “Wow”

Next up, we’ve got Wajii. Imagine cliffs so dramatic, they make your ex’s Facebook posts look tame. This is nature’s version of a thriller – exhilarating, a bit scary, but utterly captivating. A perfect spot for those who like their landscapes with a bit of edge.

🏰 Gusuku Mountain: A Stairway to Heaven

Gusuku Mountain, or as I call it, “The Leg Day Torturer,” is the centerpiece of the island. Climbing this beast is like stepping into a stairway to heaven, with the reward being a 360-degree panoramic view that’ll make you forget all about the burn in your thighs. It’s the island’s crown jewel, and once you’re up there, you’ll feel like royalty (sweaty royalty, but still).

🍔 Ace Burger: Where the Burgers Meet the Beach

After all that adventuring, you’ll want to refuel, and what better way than with a burger that’s got more local flavor than a farmers’ market? Ace Burger isn’t just a meal; it’s an experience. Located at 136 Kawahira, this burger joint serves up Ie beef burgers so good, they’ll make you consider writing a thank you note. Run by a couple who’ve been at it for 40 years, this place is proof that love, like a good burger, only gets better with time.

🚴‍♂️ Bike Around: The Island at Your Pace

Feeling full? Good, because the best way to see Ie Island is on two wheels. The island’s flat, scenic roads make for easy cycling, allowing you to soak in the sights, smells, and sounds at your own pace. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but with better scenery and less risk of ending up in a dragon’s belly.

🐄 Ie Beef: The Cows Are Alright

And let’s not forget about the Ie beef. These cows have more chill than a yoga retreat, and their beef is so tender, it practically serenades your taste buds. It’s the island’s pride and joy, served up in steaks that’ll make you forget every chewy steak you’ve ever had.

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🏖️ Ie Beach: More Than Just Sand

For the beach bums, Ie Beach offers golden sands with views of Sesoko Island. It’s perfect for swimming, camping, or just lying there contemplating your life choices. The water’s so clear, you’ll start wondering if you’re actually a fish.

🌸 Annual Lily Festival: Spring’s Highlight

And if you time it right, you can catch the annual Lily Festival from mid-April to early May. It’s a celebration of flowers, life, and the island’s natural beauty, turning the place into a living, breathing postcard.

So there you have it, Ie Island in all its glory. It’s a place where the beaches are golden, the history is deep, and the burgers are worth writing home about. Whether you’re cycling through fields, climbing mountains, or just soaking in the sun, Ie Island offers a slice of paradise that’s hard to beat. Just remember, it’s more than a destination; it’s an adventure waiting to happen.

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