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Happy Dream Circus in Okinawa – A Must-See Event from Dec 22, 2023, to Mar 3, 2024

We are excited to share details about the spectacular Happy Dream Circus in Okinawa! 🤹🎉 Scheduled from December 22, 2023, to March 3, 2024, it’s an event you won’t want to miss!


What’s Happening at the Happy Dream Circus?

The Happy Dream Circus is a vibrant gathering of world-class artists, each showcasing their unique talents and skills. 🌍🤸 With 30 different acts, the event promises a rich variety of performances that perfectly blend skill, art, and entertainment. 🌟

Event Details

Venue & Timing

  • Venue: AEON MALL Okinawa Toyosaki, Large Tent Special Venue (Okinawa Prefecture, Tomigusuku City, Toyosaki 3-35) [Google Pin]
  • Performance Duration: About 90 minutes per show, including a 10-minute break.
  • Seating: Comfortable bench-type seating.

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Ticket Information: 🎟️

  • Advance Ticket Sales Period: November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024. Remember, the sales period might shorten depending on how quickly tickets sell out, so grab yours early!
  • Ticket Categories:
    • Adults (high school students and older)
    • Children (3 years old to junior high students)
    • Special Note: Children under 3 are free but need to be on an adult’s lap. One child under 3 per adult.

Ticket Pricing

  • Free Seating (Blue Zone):
    • Adult Advance Ticket: ¥2,200
    • Adult At the Door: ¥2,500
    • Child Advance Ticket: ¥1,200
    • Child At the Door: ¥1,500
  • S Seats (Pink Zone):
    • Adult Advance Ticket: ¥2,000
    • Adult At the Door: ¥3,000
    • Child Advance Ticket: ¥1,000
    • Child At the Door: ¥2,000
  • SS Seats (Red Zone):
    • Adult Advance Ticket: ¥2,500
    • Adult At the Door: ¥3,500
    • Child Advance Ticket: ¥1,500
    • Child At the Door: ¥2,500
  • Premium Seating (Gold Zone):
    • Adult Advance Ticket: ¥3,500
    • Adult At the Door: ¥4,000
    • Child Advance Ticket: ¥2,500
    • Child At the Door: ¥3,000

Special Offers

  • Family Set (4 SS Seats): This advance purchase deal is offered at ¥9,000, allowing a family or group to enjoy the circus with a nice saving of ¥2,000 from the standard price.

Where to Book Tickets in Advance

You may book tickets on the official website (Japanese Only) , or

Self-Served Kiosk at any Family Mart, Lawson (L-Code: 82263, and 7-11 (English Interface).

Additional Ticket Information

  • The latter part of the event period is expected to be crowded, and it may not be possible to secure seats. Please purchase advance tickets and make your reservations early.
  • Tickets are categorized for Adults (high school students and older) and Children (ages 3 to junior high school students). Admission for children under 3 is free; however, they must be seated on an adult’s lap. One child under 3 years old per adult is allowed (but a seat reservation for the child is paid).
  • Individuals with a disability passbook can watch the show at half the cost of the same-day ticket price (this is limited to one accompanying person also at half price).
  • Special group discounts are available for general groups, such as nurseries, kindergartens, elementary schools, after-school programs, and children’s groups, with a total of 15 or more paid entries. Please contact the office for more details.
  • Advance ticket sales at play guides are available until two days before the performance date.
  • Free seating is bench seat type.
  • The Family Set ticket, which allows four people to view in SS designated seats, is available regardless of being adults or children.
  • Children cannot attend the show alone. They must be accompanied by an adult.

Show Time

Schedule source:

  • The ● mark indicates the start time of the performance (each performance is approximately 90 minutes, including a 10-minute break).
  • Same-day ticket sales start 60 minutes before each performance begins, and doors open 30 minutes prior.
  • In the event of a full house, entry may be postponed until a later performance.
  • There may be performances that become private events, not open to the general public.
  • In the case of severe weather, for safety, performances may be canceled.
  • The program may be partially changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Important Notes 📝

  • Reservations: If you’ve purchased a family set ticket, don’t forget to reserve your seat in advance either through the designated reservation form, email, or phone.
  • Deadline for Reservations: Up to 2 days before your visit date.
  • On the Day: Ticket sales start 60 minutes before each performance, with doors opening 30 minutes prior.
  • Weather and Changes: Keep an eye out for weather updates as performances may be canceled for safety in bad weather. Also, slight changes in the program may occur.

Final Thoughts

The Happy Dream Circus promises to be an exhilarating experience for all ages, filled with awe-inspiring performances. Whether you’re a circus aficionado or looking for a unique outing with family or friends, this event in Okinawa is definitely worth checking out. For more information and to book your tickets, make sure to visit the official Happy Dream Circus website.

Happy adventuring! 🎈🌈


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