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Okinawa Creators Fest Holidays Edition Now Accepting Vendor Application

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Update 2019/9/20: Vendor applications are no longer accepted. Thank you for your interested.

Update 2019/9/19: FAQ updates about onsite WiFi availability and table cloths.

Lester Middle School Okinawa and Oki Social are co-hosting Okinawa Creators Fest Holiday Market on November 9th, 2019. Vendor application is now open. There are 30 spots available. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. All vendors will go through a screening process, so please provide as much detail on your application as possible. First-time vendors are welcomed.

About this event

Hours: 10:00 – 16:00
Location: Lester Middle School Cafeteria (Camp Lester)
Capacity: 30 vendors
Vendor Fees: $40.00 USD ( 2m x 2m spot). Include up to one table and two chairs.

We give priority to these vendors

  • Local businesses operate in Okinawa.
  • Products originally designed and produced in Okinawa.


Q: Who are the attendees?
A: Anyone who has access to Camp Lester Okinawa. Mainly holiday shopping-ready families.

Q: Is this an outdoor event or indoor event?
A: This is an indoor event.

Q: Will there be WiFi available to take credit cards?
A: No wifi. No credit card terminal will be provided. You need to prepare your own credit card payment solution (ie. Paypal, Square).

Q: How many vendors will be accepted?
A: Twenty-seven regular vendors plus three student groups.

Q: What can I sell?
A: Anything holiday season related is recommended. We give priority to vendors who offer original products and services.

Q: How are vendors selected?
A: We select vendors based on these criteria:
– The type of products and services you offer. We intend to create a more vibrant marketplace by including more varieties. We also give priority to vendors who offer holiday season related, art & craft products.
– Originality and authenticity of your products and services
– Whether your business is locally owned and operated in Okinawa.
– First come first serve.

Q: How much is it to be a vendor?
A: 40$ USD. No commission will be taken.

Q: What will the host provide?
A: A 2m x 2m space, up to one table and two chairs. No table cloths.

Q: Will there be power outlet available on-site for vendors?
A: No. If you need power, you can bring a portable battery, but no power generator.

Q: Can I sell food and beverages?
A: As for food, as long as it doesn’t require online preparation (cooking or reheating). All beverages must be bottled before the event. Food and beverage vendors must hold a valid food and beverage safety permit issued by Japanese authorities. The permit must be presented at the spot. Food and beverage product must have a label which clearly indicates all ingredients, allergies, producer’s name, address, phone number, manufacture/preparation date, and expiry date. Food or drinks vendors are liable for any health or food safety-related complain, lawsuit held against the vendor.

Q: Can I offer services such as consulting, massage, grooming?
A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to hold a valid business license?
A: No, but you are ultimately responsible for everything you offer at the event. We will send you a liability waiver to sign if your application is selected.

Q: More questions?
A: Please ask on your application. Thank you very much for your attention. We look forward to seeing your craft.