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BOTANICAL HULA In Okinawa Southeast Botanical Gardens

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Are you ready to add a splash of tropical flair to your spring? The BOTANICAL HULA event at the Southeast Botanical Gardens in Okinawa City is your perfect getaway! Scheduled for the last weekend of March 2024, this vibrant celebration promises two days filled with the spirit of Hawaii, right in the heart of Okinawa. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this Hawaiian-themed extravaganza!

📅 Event Details

  • Dates: March 30th (Saturday) & 31st (Sunday), 2024
  • Location: Southeast Botanical Gardens, 2146 Chibana, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture
  • Google Pin:
  • Opening Hours: 9:30 AM – 10:00 PM (Last entry at 9:30 PM)

🎟 Admission Fees

Daytime (9:30 AM – 5:00 PM):

  • Adults: 1,540 JPY
  • Youths (13-17): 1,050 JPY
  • Children (4-12): 600 JPY
  • Under 3s: Free
  • *Concurrently held with Okinawa Bougainvillea Fair

Evening (5:00 PM – 10:00 PM):

  • Adults: 2,150 JPY
  • Youths (13-17): 1,250 JPY
  • Children (4-12): 750 JPY
  • Under 3s: Free
  • *Concurrently held with Okinawa Bougainvillea Fair

One-Day Pass

  • Adults: 2,800 JPY
  • Youths (13-17): 1,500 JPY
  • Children (4-12): 1,000 JPY
  • Under 3s: Free
  • *Concurrently held with Okinawa Bougainvillea Fair

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🌺 Hula Show Schedule

Get ready to be swept away by the graceful movements of hula dancers under the Okinawan sky. The schedule is packed with performances from talented hula dance teams, ensuring a mesmerizing experience.

March 30th (Saturday)

First Part

  • 12:25 PM: Ukulele Circle Anuenuemin
  • 1:00 PM: Pili Aloha/Ulumana
  • 1:40 PM: Nā Kiele O Ka Lani
  • 2:20 PM: Hawaiian & Okinawan hula Yuri-Taka Islander’s

Second Part

  • 5:30 PM: Kaleilaniokinawa
  • 6:10 PM: Aloha Lea Ho’okipa
  • 6:50 PM: Kailua Hula Studio/Mahalo Hula Studio
  • 7:20 PM: Finale!

March 31st (Sunday)

First Part

  • 1:00 PM: Okinawan Eri Hula with Ukulele Corps
  • 1:40 PM: Hau’oli Piko O Ka Aina Hula Studio
  • 2:20 PM: Halau Hula O Pua’ena Okinawa

Second Part

  • 5:30 PM: Aloha Lea Ho’okipa
  • 6:10 PM: Mana’olana Hula Studio
  • 6:50 PM: La Hilo Rainbow
  • 7:20 PM: Finale!

🌴 Note: The lineup may change, so keep an eye out for any updates!

🎵 Hawaiian Workshop & More

From 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM, immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture with mini-lessons on Hula and Tahitian ukulele. Plus, don’t miss out on the delicious offerings from food trucks and unique finds at the Hawaiian goods sale.

🌺 Why Attend?

Beyond the incredible hula performances and workshops, the Southeast Botanical Gardens also host the Okinawa Bougainvillea Fair and the Okinawa Tropical Illumination during the event. It’s a full day of cultural enrichment, tasty treats, and breathtaking scenery that promises an early taste of summer.

Whether you’re a local or a traveler looking for a unique experience, BOTANICAL HULA offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beauty and culture of Hawaii and Okinawa combined. So, mark your calendars and plan a visit to the Southeast Botanical Gardens for a weekend you won’t forget!

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