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Okinawa Eisa Paper Toy – Digital Product

Summer in Okinawa belongs to Eisa. On a hot summer night, as the sound wave of drum spurts in the neighborhood, some children run out from their homes while some rush to the balcony. On the street, neighbors gather in small groups and look for the best seat while greeting each other.

As the sound of the drum grows louder and louder, the chanting catches on.

“E-yah-sah-sah, ah-i-yah”

The parade appears from the far end of the street – first the flag, and then the drummers, and then the dancers. Oh wait, some kids are cheering. Ahh… the clown is giving away candies. Not all children like the clown, some babies are still scared of his makeup.

This repeats year after year on the streets of Okinawa during the hot summer evening. Same tunes, same dance, and it never gets old. To some, this is a cultural experience. For every Okinawan by birth or in spirit, this is why we love Okinawa.

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Eisa brings back the best memories about Okinawa – the time we spent on the beach walking in the sunset, the time we laugh over a few too many drinks at an izakaya, the time we envision a better future under the fireworks, the time the color of the Okinawa sea appears outside the air plan window … everything that makes us happy about living on the island.

We create a group of Eisa paper toys for you to form your own Eisa team, wherever you are. This is a digital product. Upon purchase, you will receive printable templates by email. The template includes the colored version and wireframes version for you to design and color the costume for your Eisa characters. Print out the template with a home printer to build your own Eisa parade.

Okinawa Eisa Paper Toy


Download and print out the template ( free version or full version) with a printer.

Follow these tutorials to make your paper Eisa team. You will need glue and a pair of scissors to build the toy. A crafting knife will make it easier, but it could also cause serious injury.

Big Taiko Drummer

The Flag Head