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Photo Submission Guidelines

Thanks for contributing to Oki Social! You’re awesome. To save you time and increase your submission’s chance of being featured, please ensure that your submissions meet our guidelines below.

Photos meet the minimum size requirement of 5 megapixels.

For a standard landscape orientation photo, 5 megapixels is at least 2500 by 2000 pixels in size.

Oki Social Photo standards.

We don’t accept unclear photos, photos containing excess noise, ‘spotting’ (marks made by water or dirt on the lens at the time the photo was taken), selfies, or shots taken on extreme angles.

Photos are original.

We do not accept composite images on the calendar. A composite is an image that has been created using multiple photos. 

Photos are not over edited.

Our interpretation of over-editing includes:

  • Heavy vignetting
  • Over-sharpened
  • Over-saturated
  • Picking single colors out on black and white photos

Photos do not contain nudity.

While we appreciate the beauty of nude portraiture, Oki Social is for people of all ages and therefore we do not accept photos containing nudity.

Photos do not have borders, graphics, text or watermarks overlaid on them.

This is the most common reason that photos are not accepted.

  • Borders include photos with a border, or partial borders of any colour.
  • Graphics include logos, clipart or any additional elements or overlays that are not original to the photo.
  • Text includes time stamps, hand lettering and any text.
  • Watermarks are not accepted.

Photos do not contain violent imagery. Oki Social is a place for people of all ages.

You must own the rights to any photo you share to Oki Social.