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Pay Your Okinawa Creators Fest Vendor Fee

Welcome to Okinawa Creators Fest March 7, 2020

Please use the PAY WITH CARD button on the bottom of this page with a credit card. The vendor fee is ¥5,000. Once we receive your payment, your application is confirmed.

Power Up Your Sales: Community Merchants Program

Community Merchants Program is designed to save your time and hustle so you can focus on your craft and building relationship with your customers, not business operation.

Key Benefits

  • We (event organizer) will set up shared cash registers near you. You sell and customers pay at the shared cash register. You don’t need to worry about accepting USD vs Yen, or handling credit card payment. We will issue a sale report and payout to you in cash within seven business days after the event.
  • Translators on-site to help you communicate with customers who don’t speak English.
  • You get a better spot at the event.
  • Your business will be given priority to be featured on Oki Social’s media outlets.


5% of total sales.

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