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Yukiko Sato – Okinawa Chalk Art Artist

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Yukiko Sato Okinawa Chalk Art Artist

Okinawa Chalk Art Artist

Naha, Okinawa

About Sato

Born in Gunma Prefecture of Japan, Sato moved to Okinawa after graduating from Meiji University in Tokyo. At age 25, Sato studied in Australia and met Monique Cannon who is the creator of Sato’s unique chalk painting style. Sato became a student of Monique and completed a certification program with MCA (Monique Cannon Association). Two years later in 2011, Sato became a certified teacher of MCA.

Sato is tirelessly polishing her techniques in Okinawa and beyond. She is also teaching the unique colors and style of Monique’s Chalk Art that has inspired her since her journey in Australia.

チョークアートゆらり沖縄 代表
チョークアーティスト 佐藤 由樹子

1982年 群馬県生まれ
2004年 明治大学卒業後、沖縄へ移住
2007年 オーストラリアへ留学
2009年 MCA認定 プロフェッショナルコース修了
2011年 MCA認定講師 シルバーティーチャーコース修了

※ MCA=モニークチョークアート協会


Her Work – 製作歴

Sato’s artwork is the cover of some of the best-selling music of Okinawa, including:

  • 2012 – 本場 沖縄民謡決定盤 – iTunes
  • 2013 – 我した島唄 大城志津子決定盤 – iTunes
  • 2014 – Production partnership with Hitachi East Japan and 琉歌企画

Sato’s artwork have also been bought and featured in some of the most popular tourist attractions, cafes, and restaurants in Okinawa.

2012年 (有)リスペクトレコードより「本場沖縄民謡決定盤」
2013年には大城 志津子「我した島こ唄」のCDジャケットを製作。
2014年 日立ソリューションズ東日本、琉歌企画と約一年間製作を共にする。
那覇市ハーバーポイントカフェ、南城市座敷 焼きたてのパンとケーキのお店みなもとや 、中城村 カフェ わ、今帰仁村 古宇利島 龍宮館 など

Her Classes – 講習歴

Sato usually teaches in small groups for children or adult in Naha. Her students come from all over Japan from Okinawa to Hokkaido including members from Chamber of Commerce and Miss Universe in Okinawa. Sato has taught all over the country and is looking for opportunities to expand her classroom to oversea students.


Sato’s Chalk Art – チョークアートとは

Her style is often used to create menu, signs and ads in stylish restaurants and cafes. The chalk she uses is different from conventional chalk. It is engineered for the purpose of easy color blending. In addition to that, the material is extremely sensitive to temperature. Body and room temperature affect the outcome of the artwork, which makes this unique medium an exciting one to work with.


Sato and Oki Social

Wine & Art Night with Yukiko Sato