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SYOUTA – Okinawa Designer and Painter

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Artist SYOUTA Okinawa

If you have been to Okinawa, you probably have seen his work at many souvenir shops in Naha and Aeon Malls

Uruma City, Okinawa



SYOUTA started his career as an artist in 2011.
While embracing his own style, SYOUTA creates art that only he can produce with his unbound imagination.
He tries to get inspirations from nature, plants, animals, people, buildings, and everyday life.
He has engaged in artistic activities such as working a design and a project for a collaborative product with a company and launching his original goods to promote Syouta’s colorful world of art from Okinawa.


Exhibitions & Events – 展示・イベント

2016.6 7.1 Tokyo Creator Expo
2016.3 Director of a painting project 70th anniversary for Nakagawa elementary in Kin, Okinawa.
2016.1 San-A Main Place Okinawa New Artist Exhibition
2015.5 Exhibition SYOUTA Art and Products Show 2015
2014.3 SYOUTA SHOP in Ikei island Art living show
2012.3 Exhibition COOL JPAN at Okinawa International Movie Festival
2012.3 Exhibition COOL JPAN at MEET YOU IN CHINA show in Shanghai, China
2011.7 Exhibition “My name is SYOUTA” in Naha, Okinawa
2011.4 Tohoku Earthquake fundraising art event. Umui Project

2016.6.29 ~ 7.1『東京クリエイターEXPO』ブース参加予定!
2015.5『SYOUTAアート雑貨展 2015』を開催!
2014.3『暮らしにアートin伊計島』SYOUTA SHOP出店!
2012.3『第4回沖縄国際映画祭』*企業向けスペースCOOL JPANブース参加!
*中国・上海にてCOOL JPANブース参加!
2011.7 自身初となる展示会『My Name is SYOUTA』展を開催!
2011.4.5~10、『東北関東大震災被災者支援アートイベント・umuiプロジェクト』参加! *北谷町沖縄クリエイティブギャラリー2F

Education – 教育

Sensyu International Design Academy, CG architect
専修学校インターナショナルデザインアカデミー 建築CG課 卒業