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Oki Social Products Now Available at Outlet Ashibinaa

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Oki Social is expanding to the second location in southern Okinawa at Outlet Mall Ashibinaa.

A local gift shop called Ichikyu72 is now carrying our latest products. Ichikyu72 Okinawa Life Style Shop is a local gift shop focuses on products made locally in Okinawa including branded art and craft products by famous artists and local coffee, wine, Ryukyu glass. It truly has the greatest collection of Okinawa, and we are proud to be part of it.

Since we started moving towards the tourist market in Okinawa in 2018, this is our second location in south Okinawa after Nanjo City Tourism Center located in Chinen Misaki Park.

Ichikyu72 opens all year around, and if you have family from overseas visiting Japan, they enjoy 8% tax-free discount here.

For a list of all the stores that carry our products, click below.

How To Find Ichikyu72

The easiest way to find Ichikyu72 is by looking for the sales tax return section located on the second floor of outlet Ashbinaa.

Thank you for your continuous support, Oki Social fan, so we can continue to pour Okinawa coated happiness to the world.