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Draw2Win October 20th 2022 Winner Announcement

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What is Draw2Win?

Draw2Win is a bi-weekly drawing contest hosted by the Art Plaza. The contest opens to artists of all levels and all ages in all mediums. A new winner is announced every two weeks, followed by the announcement of a new theme for the next round.

October 20, 2022 Winner Announcement

Theme: Forest

Winner: Lily Funkhouser

How to Participate

Draw 2 Win is an ongoing drawing. We pick a theme and a winner every two weeks. There is no fee to enter. The artwork can be in any medium or digital. Contestants can be any age. For digital artworks, a print is required to enter the contest. We let our fans on social media vote for the winning artwork, and then announce the winner on our website and social media after the submission deadline.

Join The Next Round of Draw2Win

Theme: Halloween

Submission Deadline: November 10, 2022

Submission Location Has Changed

The Art Plaza is closing its door on October 30th as our contract with the AAFES has come to the end. We will continue to host Draw2Win and accept submission at the Ohana Community Shop in the Kadena Exchange. The Ohana Community Shop is the first two kiosk shops as soon you enter the Kadena Exchange until the end of October. We will move to the kiosk in front of the newly open Bath & Body Work store on the first floor in the Kadena Exchange in November.