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Happiness In Okinawa Is … Bonus Chapter

You found me! Let me guess. You are here because you are holding a copy of Happiness In Okinawa Is…, or you know someone who has a copy. I am so glad you are here. This is the bonus chapter of the book. Please enjoy, and thank you again for supporting your local artist in Okinawa.

#HappyOki Okinawa Bucket List

This bucket list has 100 must-try local food, must-do experience, and must-go destinations in Okinawa designed to help you enjoy your Okinawa experience to the fullest. Download the printable PDF and start knocking down the items on the list.

Free Daily #HappyOki Message

We create a free lineup of cheerful Happiness In Okinawa illustrations delivered to you daily via Facebook Messenger. Along with the illustrations, there is a personal message from the artist. We hope they will brighten up your day and get you started with a smile every morning. It is completely free.

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Bug Report

Found a mistake in the book, please let us know so we can fix it for the next release. Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to do that.