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Okinawa Creators Fest March 2019

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For the first time in Okinawa, we are bringing to you an event that showcases local artists, crafters, makers, creative chefs, and performers under one roof – a joint venture between Enjoy The Best Fest and Okinawa Creators Fest. You will enjoy handmade crafts, locally made food, kids friendly performance from both Japanese and English speaking communities in Okinawa. For the first time on the island, we are putting together creators from different cultures together for your enjoyment. Come join us on Sunday, March 3rd.


  • Over 40 local vendors and their original products.
  • Handmade art, craft, food, and therapy.
  • Kids friendly space and performance by local performers.
  • Go deep into the local Japanese community. You could make new local friends there.

Date & Location

March 3rd (Sunday), 2019
10:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.

Location: Yonabaru Tourism and Exchange Center (与那原観光交流施設)
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Free Parking Available


The event is held indoors. You are required to remove your shoes before entering the venue. In Japan, it is respectful to WEAR SOCKS in public space while you are not wearing shoes. PLEASE WEAR SOCKS!


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Support your neighbors by telling at lease one friend in Okinawa about this event. Share this page on social media? Even better. We appreciate your support.


Q: Who could attend this event?
A: Anyone in Okinawa.

Q: How do I communicate with the vendors?
A: Majority of vendors speak only Japanese. However, they make their offering intuitive and super easy to understand.

Q: Will USD or credit card be accepted?
A: It depends on the vendor. It is an event that is opened to everyone, so everything will be priced in Japanese yen. We will set up a cash register only for Oki Social affiliated vendors, and that cash register accepts USD, Yen, or credit card.

Q: Will there be parking spaces available?
A: Yes. There is a free parking lot outside the venue.

Q: Is this event kid friendly?
A: Absolutely. Not only there are so many vendors cater for children, and the venue itself is also designed with the safety of children in mind, with a central area for children to play. There will be live performances where children can actively participate.

Q: Is the event held indoor or outdoor?
A: Indoor. The event will not be affected by the weather.

Q: Can I bring food and drinks to the event?
A: Yes. However, there will be many local food vendors at the event. Don’t you want to try what they have to offer? There will be tables and chairs set up for your convenience, but they are set up for customers of the food vendors. Please be respectful to that hidden rule while enjoying your meal. There will be drink vending machines in the venue.


Organizer: Oki Social, 好きなこと事務局 (Enjoy The Best Fest)

Event Marketing: Desmond Liang
Vendors Relations: Paul Jacobs
Onsite Manager: Brittany Lampe