March 2019 Okinawa Creators Fest Vendor Application

Event Information

Date: Sunday, March 3rd, 2019

Time: 10:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.

Location: Yonabaru Tourism & Exchange Facility

(Indoor location/ Canceled in case of typhoon)

What To Expect

This is a joint event between Enjoy The Best Fest and Oki Social. Enjoy The Best is a local event and marketplace which features Okinawa local markers and crafters. The event is held every month in Yunabaru city of Okinawa prefecture. Besides art and craft product, vendors may also sell food products that don’t require on-site preparations such as cookies and cupcakes, as there will be no water or power outlet available at your spot, and cooking is not allowed.

There will be Japanese speaking customers. Though we are going to organize on-site translators to help you, please make your offer as simple and as intuitive possible to non-English speaking customers.

Your Spot

2 meters x 2 meters
There is a limited amount of tables for rental. If you need to rent a table, please indicate in your application.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the application form on the bottom of this page.
  2. We will review your application and response within 48 hours to let you know if your application has been accepted. Due to limited spaces, we can only accept a small number of vendors this time. Acceptance is based on the products and services you provide.
  3. Once your application is accepted, we will send you a link to submit your vendor fees online.

Application Deadline

Feb 3rd, 2019 ( while supplies last ).


Vendor fees: $40 + 5%

Table rental: $10, pay cash on-site, limited to one per vendor.

You are encouraged to bring your own table, display, and chair.

How Are We Going To Spend Your Money

After you pay your fees, you are guaranteed a spot. We use part of your fees to buy ads – you want more customers, right? The remaining amount goes to hiring translators.

What is the 5%?

We are going as a group, and we will set up a cashier for the group. Everything you sold must be paid at the cashier. In the end, 5% of your payout is taken as commission. For example, if your product is sold for $100, you get $95 back.

We do that for three reasons:

  1. Vendors don’t have to worry about preparing yen, dealing with money, accepting credit cards, etc. It is a short event, you should spend more time on selling.
  2. We cover the basic business operation for you, so you can focus on showing and selling your work.
  3. SOFA members don’t need to worry about getting into Japanese tax trouble.

Ready To Be a Vendor?

Tell us more about you and your products and services. After you send the application, we will review your application and response as soon as possible, normally within 48 hours.


Vendor Agreements

・No political or religious solicitation will be permitted.
・There is parking offered near the location, however, because there is a limited number of spaces we may ask you to park in the neighborhoods so that more customers can access the parking lot.
・Food and drinks are allowed but only limited to food and drinks that don't require on-site preparation. No fire, no gas, no stove on-site.
・There is no power outlet or running water at your spot. Toilet and fresh water are available outside the venue.
・Selling alcohol is prohibited.
・All food vendors must hold a valid food and beverage safety permit issued by Japanese authority. The permit must be presented at the spot.
・All food and drinks products must have a label that clearly indicates the producer's name, address, phone number, manufacture/preparation date, and expiry date.
・A food or drinks vendor take full responsibility for any complain, lawsuit held against the vendor or the organizer due to the quality of the products the vendor produces.
・In case of a typhoon, the facilities will be closed. The vendor will be reimbursed through the bank or credit card accounts the payments were made from. In the case the event is canceled by the event coordinator, vendors will be fully reimbursed.
・No refund once the application is submitted and fees are paid. If the event is canceled due to a typhoon or other weather-related incidents, 70% of the fees will be returned to the vendor.
・If a vendor must cancel due to an emergency or other unforeseen reasons, they may find another vendor to take their place.
・The event will not be cancelled due to rain. In case of a typhoon, the staff will inform all vendors promptly.
・If a vendor doesn't show up at the event without advance notice, no refund is issued, and the vendor will not be permitted to participate in future events.
・Each vendor is responsible for collecting and taking out their own trash. The facility does not collect trash; therefore we ask each vendor to take their trash when they leave.
・All payments must be made at the organizer's cashier. If a vendor accepts payment from the customer, the vendor's payout will be suspended, and the vendor will not be invited to future events.
・Payout will be available in cash during the vendor celebration meeting one week after the event. If a vendor cannot attend the celebration event, the vendor may request to receive the payout via Paypal, in which case the vendor is responsible for any Paypal fees occur. Payout can also be picked up in person at our office.

By pressing the "Apply Now" button, you as a representative of your business, agree to the terms above.