After two years of listening to our fans and fine-tuning the Okinawa Map, we have continuously introduced more hidden symbols and created three different color schemes. We sometimes jokingly say that every time Apple launches a new iPhone, we publish a new version of the Okinawa Map. In fact, we have republished the Okinawa Map four times within the last two years!

This time, it's different. We want to create a version of the Okinawa Map that is as timeless as our memories of Okinawa.

How can a map be timeless?

Everything eventually goes away, let alone a map made of paper.

For an artwork to be timeless, it must also capture something timeless.

We chose the sea.

The sea around Okinawa has created and continues to shave Okinawa and its people, it has outlasted everything and everyone on the island.  To capture the sea in a map, we went out to capture the colors of the Okinawa sea at different times of the day and apply them to the design. To make the map physically long lasting, we use weatherproof paper and ink with special coating to protect the artwork.

making of the map

Due to the complexity of the production process, we can only produce a small amount of Ryukyu Umi Okinawa Map each month. They will be distributed store locations in Okinawa and online shop.

We will announce the latest availability on this page. Bookmark it, follow our Facebook page, or sign up for our email newsletter for monthly availability announcement so you can get your hands on one of the timeless artwork produced in Okinawa.

Where To Buy (August 2018)

BB Coffee, Okinawa City

10 prints only for August 2018, price in Japanese Yen
Pay Online via PayPal

Bring PayPal receipt as proof of payment at store

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