About Oki Social

Our Mission

The artists of Okinawa are talented, and they are hungry for audiences who appreciate authenticity and originality. Millions of visitors come to Okinawa every year looking for the gifted artists who create the cuisine, art, and lifestyle of Okinawa. We lift the curtain between the artists and their audience, and we build bridges so they can connect.

Okinawa Business

For Visitors and Residents in Okinawa

Oki Social extends the reach of authentic, original Okinawan culture by hosting social events that connect artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners of Okinawa with their audience.

Millions of visitors come to Okinawa every year to experience the unique art and culture of Okinawa. Most of them end up in tourist sites where cheap and mass produced product are sold solely for profit. We want to offer a purely authentic Okinawan experience with access to native art, food, and culture straight from the source by creating a direct link between the visitor and artist.

Okinawa Artist

For Artists, Entrepreneurs, and Small Business Owners

We help artists, small business owners, and entrepreneurs build a profitable business by providing the formula and the opportunity to succeed.

At Oki Social, we are excited about small business. Independent artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners in Okinawa face many strong and aggressive competitors and obstacles while trying to keep their business afloat. While they are talented and ambitious, many lack the marketing and sales knowledge critical for growing their business. Oki Social supports artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners by walking with them through every step of the journey. We provide knowledge, networking and sale opportunities, and most importantly a unique formula that will build a profitable business.